ITI CPs 2014-02-10

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ITI domain CPs for 2013-2014 are managed here:

This page contains the agenda and minutes for the Feb 10, 2014 CP topic during the Vienna Vol 1 F2F meeting.


The current status spreadsheet dated 2014-02-06 is here:

(1) Review Incoming CPs

  • CP-ITI-DSUB-ActorDiagram.doc
  • IHE-CP-ITI-XXX-IGibaud-FR-BasicSubsetOption.docx.doc
  • IHE-CP-ITI-XXX-IGibaud-FR-XDS-Metadata-archivingdate.docx.doc
  • IHE-CP-ITI-XXX-IGibaud-FR-ZBESegment.docx.doc


(2) Assigned CPs ready for review:

  • ITI-CP-662-00.doc - Incorrect use of 403 Status code - Assigned to Mark S - motion from Forcare to cancel
  • ITI-CP-630-03.doc - XTN datatype should be more specific - update provided by Walco
  • CP-ITI-581 (John M) - Correct DSUB audit messages
    • this seems to want us to take the current ITI-18 audit log messages and make them DSUB. But DSUB is not the same thing as ITI-18. I think the current DSUB audit messages are appropriate, and would not agree with the CP. - John M: motion to cancel...being reviewed by Forcare.


The updated status spreadsheet dated 2014-02-10 is here:

(1) Review Incoming CPs

  • IHE-CP-ITI-XXX-IGibaud-FR-BasicSubsetOption.docx.doc - 748 - assigned to Ben Levy
  • IHE-CP-ITI-XXX-IGibaud-FR-ZBESegment.docx.doc - 749 - assigned to Isabelle Gibaud
  • IHE-CP-ITI-XXX-IGibaud-FR-XDS-Metadata-archivingdate.docx.doc - CP is rejected XDS.b and asked Isabelle to craft an article about how to use existing XDS.b metadata for the archiving use case, reaching out to John Moehrke for help.