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ITI domain CPs for 2013-2014 are managed here:

This page contains the agenda and minutes for the Dec 5, 2013 meeting.


9-11am Central US


(1) Update on mystery CPs & next steps:

  • These CPs were recovered back to the ftp site from Rob's 9/2/2013 backup of the Assigned directory: CP-ITI-629, 630, 633, 634, 635, 638, 649, 650, 652, 653, 660-666, 672, 675, 677, 678, 683-685, 689-697
  • These CPs (w/ assignee) have status of Assigned in the status spreadsheet, but are still missing from the Assigned dir on the ftp site: CP-ITI-552-554 (Bill), 590 (Bill), 671 (redoc), 698-699 (Rob), 700 (Elliott L), 701 (John M), 702-706 (no owner)
  • Next steps:

(2) Assigned CPs ready for review:

  • CP-ITI-672-01.doc - Elliott L.
  • CP-ITI-726-01.docx - Carl Leitner
  • CP-ITI-690-04.docx - John M

(3) Discuss email comments on 2 completed CPs:

  • CP-ITI-708 (Vassil's) Update Appendix V with current versions of WS-I profiles
  • CP-ITI-709 (John M's) Accounting of Disclosures audit message

(4) Incoming CP review:

  • CP-ITI-CSD_CL_type_facilityservices.doc
  • CP-ITI-ESL_DICOM_Audit_differences.doc
  • CP-ITI-EST_Limited_Metadata_Audit.doc
  • CP-ITI-GL-DocumentRelationshipExample.doc

(5) Ballot 20 plan:

(6) Next CP calls : Thu Dec 19, Thu Jan 16, (no call Jan 2)


The updated status spreadsheet is here:

(1) Mystery CPs & next steps:

  • Mystery solved:
    • CP-ITI-670 (George) - change is already integrated into TF v10, but was not in a ballot
    • 671 (Elliott found a copy)
    • 700 and 701 Elliott found these to be duplicates (see status spreadsheet)
  • John M has a more recent backup than Rob's; he will send updated CPs to Lynn & we will hopefully finish resolving these during the Dec 19 CP call.
  • CP-ITI-638 -- Karen noted this contains content in the async supplement that was never integrated into final text. The CP was created to track an update never put into a ballot. version 00 is currently in Assigned. Karen thinks the CP is ready to be integrated and will review the 00 and 01 versions to determine which to use.

(2) These assigned CPs were reviewed:

  • CP-ITI-672 (Elliott L) - approved to move to Completed status
  • CP-ITI-690 (John M) - several changes were suggested in the call. Approved as completed - John will send change in version 05.
  • CP-ITI-726 (Carl Leitner) - This CP needs additional work to separate the request/response for the service from the request/response for the availability. Carl & Lynn will discuss offline and Carl will continue work on the CP.
  • CP-ITI-665 - (Walco) Agreed to cancel; current text is ok
  • CP-ITI-653 - Mauro will check to see if this change is in XDW
  • CP-ITI-614 - (Walco) cancel; change is obsolete
  • CP-ITI-687-03 - (Mauro) edits made during the call; approved for ballot
  • CP-ITI-684 - (Walco) CP remains assigned; proposed changes need updating based on new error code table due to redoc

(3) We mistakenly skipped this agenda item; moved to 12/19

(4) Incoming CP review:

  • CP-ITI-729 Typo in FacilityServices - changes reviewed & approved as Completed
  • CP-ITI-730 Limited Metadata Audit - changes reviewed & approved as Completed; Lynn will send to John M for email confirmation
  • CP-ITI-731 DICOM Audit Differences - CP accepted & assigned to Elliott L. Will be put on the 12/19 call for further discussion to enable cmte review offline.
  • CP-ITI-732 Upd to Doc Relationship example - CP accepted & assigned to Elliott L; changes proposed in the submitted CP need some work

(6) Ballot 20 plan:

CP Ballot 20 planning is deferred until the Dec 19 call, with a target to get the ballot ready then, and out for review at the beginning of January.

(6) Next CP calls : Thu Dec 19, Thu Jan 16, (no call Jan 2)