ITI Approved CPs-2013-14

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These CPs have been balloted and approved by the ITI Technical Committee and will be integrated into the ITI Technical Framework Final Text v11 and Trial Implementation Supplements published in September 2014.

  • Details of ITI 2013-14 CP ballots are maintained here.
  • This table is also available in excel here.

ITI Domain Approved CPs 2013-14

CP Title Profile TF or Suppl Ballot
CP-ITI-458 Multi-document Retrieve XDS.b Vol 2b 21
CP-ITI-516 Correct hyperlinks to point to TF sections XUA Vol 1 20
CP-ITI-570 SVS – valueSet OID attribute name SVS Vol 2b 18
CP-ITI-586 MU Typo XDS TI-Metadata Update 20
CP-ITI-588 XDSAssociationStatus default not consistent with other query parameters XDS TI-Metadata Update 21
CP-ITI-615 DSUB Remove SubscriptionId from all transactions DSUB TI-DSUB 21
CP-ITI-617 Update to Provider Info Directory audit msg in HPD HPD TI-HPD 21
CP-ITI-629 DSUB Publish audits refer to wrong source/destination/requestor DSUB TI-DSUB 21
CP-ITI-632 Metadata for stable versions of on-demand documents XDS TI-OnDemand 16
CP-ITI-638 Async Supplement update to Appendix V Async Vol 2x 20
CP-ITI-655 Fix logic for patient death in PAM PAM Vol 2b 21
CP-ITI-657 Consistency of HD and CX datatype definitions in the appendix. PAM Vol 2x 19
CP-ITI-660 XCPD diagram shows single when should be multiple XCPD TI-XCPD 20
CP-ITI-671 authorTelecommunication Example XD* Vol 3 21
CP-ITI-673 Corrections of the usage code of some fields in segments PID, PV1, OBX, for PAM PAM Vol 2b 19
CP-ITI-674 New option "Ambulatory Patient Data" for PAM… PAM Vol 2b 19
CP-ITI-678 Correction of the example illustrating the URL of Find document Dossiers message MHD TI-MHD 20
CP-ITI-685 HPD errors and inconsistencies HPD TI-HPD 21
CP-ITI-687 Use referenceIdList as specified by CP-ITI-659 instead of folders in XDW XDW Vol 3, TI-XDW 21
CP-ITI-690 XDS Metadata Enhancement for Privacy Policy support XDS Vol 3 20
CP-ITI-692 Character String Matching Ambiguous XD* Vol 2x 21
CP-ITI-707 Document Retrieve Form Response RFD Vol 2b 20
CP-ITI-708 Update Appendix V with current versions of WS-I profiles several Vol 2x 20
CP-ITI-710 DSUB building filter expressions DSUB TI-DSUB 21
CP-ITI-711 Add limitedMetadata attribute to optionality table XD* Vol 3 21
CP-ITI-713 Correct labeling of XCA IG in query attribute optionality XCA Vol 3 20
CP-ITI-714 Correct capitalization of Document Sharing Attribute names XD* Vol 3 20
CP-ITI-715 Remove parentDocument references XD* Vol 3 20
CP-ITI-717 Incorrect section reference ATNA Vol 2a 20
CP-ITI-719 Typo in audit message for Document Registry/Recipient in Metadata Update supplement XDS TI-Metadata Update 20
[ CP-ITI-721] Clarify associations in different submission sets XD* Vol 3 21
CP-ITI-729 Typo in FacilityServices CSD TI-CSD 20
CP-ITI-730 Limited Metadata Audit XDS, XDR Vol 2b 20
CP-ITI-731 DICOM Audit Differences ATNA Vol 2a 20
CP-ITI-737 clarification of classCode from typeCode XD* Vol 3 20
[ CP-ITI-740] Update Vol. 3 content of Metadata Update supplement MU TI-Metadata Update 21
CP-ITI-742 Updated Folder Concept XDS Vol 1 21
CP-ITI-743 Contradictory text on DocumentEntry.availabilityStatus XD* Vol 3 21
CP-ITI-745 Typo in sourcePatientInfo XD* Vol 3 21
[ CP-ITI-746] Correct example language from en-us to en-US several Vol 2b, 3, TI-HPD 21
CP-ITI-747 Fix coding of referenceIdList attribute in documentEntry metadata table XD* Vol 3 21
CP-ITI-753 Clarification of the immutable nature of DocumentEntry.sourePatientInfo XD* Vol 3 21
CP-ITI-754 Errors on DSUB Actor Diagram DSUB TI-DSUB 21
CP-ITI-755 Incorrect MPQ Example Message MPQ Vol 2b 21
CP-ITI-760 Association Types table 4.2.2-1 Update XD* Vol 3 21
CP-ITI-761 Use of MemberOf(1), (2), (3), (4) lacks needed clarity XD* Vol 3 21
[ CP-ITI-]