IHE Testing and Tools Committee Teleconference Minutes 2011-05-09

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  • Chris Carr
  • Todd Cooper
  • Bruce Curran
  • Didi Davis
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo
  • Joan McMillen
  • Steve Moore
  • Rob Snelick
  • Karen Witting


  • Connectathon Planning
  • IHE Australia
  • IHE Korea - July 11-15 event dates; Daegu
  • Registration is in progress, about 10 companies registered so far
  • Scope to include XDS, Personal Health Monitoring Report, XDS-MS, ATNA; Clinical Use Cases: home glucose monitoring; referral
  • Taking test plans from Gazelle; need to update based on Pisa feedback
  • Todd working with organizers on details of test plans and sequence
  • IHE North America - Policies and Guidelines ready for publication along with announcement of timeline, etc.
  • IHE RO -
  • Currently conducting pre-testing event in Stockholm
  • Connectathon scheduled for Sept. 13-17 in Fairfax, VA
  • Moving Connectathon to April-May time frame in 2013
  • Connectathon Manager Training
  • Continuing demand for manager training from national deployment committees (eg, Australia)
  • Add discussion by Technical Management Group about training activities to June agenda
  • Tools Development Planning
  • NIST working on tooling infrastructure to enable rapid development of specific testing tools
  • Test case management tool to make it easier to write test cases and associate artifacts with specific tests
  • Focusing on PCD domain tools; will offer to other domains
  • Integration with Gazelle to grab test messages to validate in context of specific profile tests; reduce manual inspection of logs by test monitors
  • Developing tools to support Meaningful Use Stage 2 (2013) requirements; tracking S&I framework activities to determine potential requirements
  • Lab, immunization, biosurveillance likely elements
  • Communication
  • Current Projects
  • Development Priorities
  • June 7-8 Meeting Planning
  • NIST HQ Logistics
  • Meeting agenda:
  • Gazelle: Eric P/IHE-E
  • Test descriptions and test scripts: Steve Moore/IHE-NA
  • Validation Tools: NIST
  • Domain-by-domain, profile-by-profile tooling inventory
  • Identify status and gaps
  • Adapt tooling to updated infrastructure
  • Development Planning
  • Support of new domains and profiles
  • New test management capabilities
  • Integration of test management, test definitions, validation tools
  • Support of non-Connectathon testing
  • European project support
  • US "meaningful use" testing and certification support
  • Other projects and testing opportunities

Testing and Tools Committee