IHE Testing and Tools Committee Teleconference Minutes 2011-02-28

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  • Karima Bourquard
  • Chris Carr
  • Bruce Curran
  • Didi Davis
  • Flora Lum
  • Steve Moore

See roster.


  • Update on IHE-Korea 2011 Connectathon Plans
  • Call for Participation early March/April
  • IHE RO planning Connectathon for week of Sept. 12(?) in Fairfax, VA at ASTRO HQ
  • Call for participation to be issued in March
  • Bruce Curran will present formal proposal for recognition at March 14 meeting
  • Review committee comments
  • Decide and confirm date for next face to face meeting
  • Review planning cycle (Project Managers Testing Event)
  • Program development and marketing plan - timeline
  • Status of management response from Eric, Karima, Peter, Cor
  • Next call: March 14, 10:00am-11:30am CST

Testing and Tools Committee