IHE Testing and Tools Committee Teleconference Minutes 2010-08-30

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  • Nichole Drye-Mayo
  • Bruce Curran
  • Didi Davis
  • Eric Poiseau
  • Karima Bourquard
  • Rob Snelick
  • Steve Moore
  • Charles Parisot
  • Mary Laamanen
  • Michael Ogata


1) Gazelle Development

  • North American Connectathon Implementation Issues
    • Steve reports that we opened NA registration one week late. We are fixing some bugs that were in Gazelle and some configuration issues

2) September 14-16 Connectathon Project Managers Training Event

  • Registrant list
  • Logistics (travel, hotel, etc.)
    • Bill to attend Tuesday and half of Wed (AM)
    • Eric to attend Tuesday through Thursday at 3:00
    • Charles not available to administer exit exam. This is a gap we need to fill
  • Agenda planning
    • Agenda changed with Bill and Eric travel plans. Steve to reissue
    • Need to tell attendees what they need to bring.

3) Product Registry

  • Marketing / Communication process for commenting (test accounts, etc.)
    • Eric volunteered to give them a demonstration so they can know how to present that
    • 120 companies in PR
    • 59 companies have registered Integration Statements
    • 275 Integration Statements entered
  • Administration and user support
    • Chris Carr to take over some of the adminstration with some training from Eric

4) epSOS Update

  • Projectathon scheduled for week of Nov 22 in Bratislata, Slovaki
  • Small event with representatives from the 10 countries involved in integration projects

5) HL7 V3 tooling

  • NIST has V3 tools, including support for TLS
  • Steve to get his developer (Ralph) connected to Mary (NIST) to help with understanding at MIR

6) Other projects, issues

  • Recognition of IHE-China Connectathon
    • IHE-China will publish their results. They will be included in the global database after they have received training.
  • Recognition of IHE-Korea Connectathon
    • Need a discussion with Todd Cooper next time he can attend

7) Next Meeting: Mon., Sept. 13, 10-11am CT

  • Agenda Items

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