IHE Testing and Tools Committee Teleconference Minutes 2009-01-26

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  • Jean-Renan Chatel - INRIA
  • Geert Claeys - Agfa
  • Cor Loef - Philips
  • Steve Moore - MIR
  • Eric Poiseau - INRIA
  • Chris Carr - RSNA


1. Connectathon Results Proposal - Charles Parisot/Geert Claeys

  • Geert presented revised version of document
    • Focuses more narrowly on distinguishing results associated with Trial Implementation profiles
    • Eric P will add some text describing linking to product registry and briefly describing capabilities of product registry (browseable, sortable, etc.)
  • Action Item: Chris will make final refinements to document and present to Board as informative discussion item

2. Connectathon Quality Control Rules - Cor Loef/Chris Carr

3. Committee Charter - Chris Carr

  • Deferred to next call

4. Licensing Terms - Chris Carr/Steve Moore

  • Deferred to next call

5. Product Registry - Eric Poiseau

  • Reviewed current pre-production version of registry and discussed linking to Connectathon results
    • Link from Registry to Connectathon Results page will be on Vendor/Profile/Actor basis (ie, row-by-row)
    • Registry and Connectathon results browser may be merged into a single database to make queries more efficient
  • Action Item: Eric and Chris will work on assigning the Registry an ihe.net url
  • Action Item: Eric and Jean-Renan will work on putting registry database into production and beginning to populate it with data

6. Cypress Project - Chris Carr/Steve Moore

  • Deferred to next call

7. Next Call: Skip next Monday and resume on normal schedule on Monday, Feb. 16

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