IHE Testing and Tools Committee Teleconference Minutes 2008-11-03

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  • Peter Kuenecke - Siemens
  • Cor Loef - Philips
  • Steve Moore - MIR
  • Charles Parisot - GE
  • Eric Poiseau - INRIA
  • Chris Carr - RSNA


1) Connectathon Reporting Criteria

  • Reviewed proposed revision to criteria for reporting of Connectathon results
  • Introduces a distinction of 3 categories of results:
  • Bronze: prototype, Trial Implementation profile
  • Silver: prototype, Final Text profile
  • Gold: product, released within 120 days of the Connectathon
  • General agreement on necessity of communicating this information; discussion addressed what is the best method for communicating it
  • Bronze-Silver-Gold language seems to imply qualitative evaluation; Is there a way to communicate that implies less of a value judgment?
  • How do we address testing of the foundation system in a family of products?
  • Critical goal is to ensure that products are brought to the Connectathon and the IHE systems are brought to market
  • Action Item: Chris Carr will propose a more neutral sounding set of reporting categories for review by TnT committee. If approved, these criteria will be proposed to the Board on its November Tcon.

2) Charter

  • Chris Carr will try to arrange separate call with David to prepare final version of document for review.

3) License

  • Need to recap changes from Apache 2 license for consideration and approval by MIR. Chris Carr will work with MIR personnel on this.

4) Next Tcon

  • Nov. 17, 9am CST

Testing and Tools Committee