IHE Testing and Tools Committee Teleconference Minutes 2008-08-11

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  • Didi Davis - HIMSS
  • Bill Majurski - NIST
  • Steve Moore - Mallinckrodt Inst.
  • Chris Carr - RSNA


1. Connectathon requirements document

  • Document under development to describe the minimum requirements for a Connectathon event to be recognized by IHE International and have its results included in the product registry
  • Cor Loef is working on draft document; hope to have a draft to review for 2008-08-25 teleconference
  • Discussion deferred to 2008-08-25

2. Committee charter

  • Distinguishes sponsors and contributors and provides method for joining committee for each group
  • Need to add section about annual review of contributions (from sponsors and contributors) by IHE Intl Board and continued participation: Chris Carr will develop paragraph for review on next tcon and distribute
  • "Vision" section of document needs to be developed: 3-4 paragraphs drawn from business strategy document? Didi Davis will develop after next review of charter
  • Review of [David Monteau's sections of charter document] will be reviewed on next call
  • Discussion to be continued on 2008-08-25 tcon

3. Membership package

  • Secretariat will develop a package for potential committee participants, including information on how to become IHE members and how to submit agreement to be sponsor or contributor
  • Discussion deferred until completion of charter documents

4. [Gazelle]/[product registry] update

  • Development team has encountered problems in initial deployment of Gazelle; likely that Kudu will be used for North American Connectathon registration (opening Aug. 26)
  • Discussion of status will continue on 2008-08-25 tcon

5. Next tcon: Monday, 2008-08-25, 8:45-9:45 am CDT

Testing and Tools Committee