IHE Testing and Tools Committee Teleconference Minutes 2008-04-28

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  • Chris Carr
  • Geert Claeys
  • Didi Davis
  • Cor Loef
  • David Monteau
  • Steve Moore
  • Eric Poiseau


Confirm selection of Apache 2.0 license

  • No objections voiced to selection of Apache 2.0 license that was recommended on the April 21 Conference Call
  • Action: IHE International will adopt Apache 2.0 license for Gazelle

Contributor Agreements

  • Apache 2.0 license includes companion contributor agreements
  • Action: David Monteau will review the terms of the Apache 2.0 contributor agreements and notify the committee of any recommended changes

Testing and Tools Committee Governance

  • Definition of membership:
    • Agreed that committee members must be representatives of IHE member organizations per general committee rules of IHE governance: individual contributors will not be members of committee
    • Committee members also effectively commit their organizations to contributing to the development of testing tools as a condition of their membership
      • General consensus is that we should avoid requiring a separate formal commitment document for participation
      • Technical Management Group will develop a table of assignments (as a Wiki page) and monitor how contributions match commitments
      • As part of annual report to Board, will identify any committee members who have failed to honor commitments to the extent that they should be removed from committee membership
  • Committee procedures should define leadership positions: 2 co-chairs drawn from vendor and user side like some other committees?
  • Relation of Technical Management Group to Testing and Tools Committee: Subgroup of committee responsible for operationalizing tools development and testing processes
  • IHE Intl Principles of Governance provides overview of committee procedures
  • Action: David Monteau will propose a charter document with further detail on terms of membership, operation of committee and technical oversight of contributors

Membership application

  • Agreed that no separate signed document should be required to apply for committee membership
  • Formal requirements are:
  1. Representative of approved member organization
  2. Signed corporate/organizational contributor agreement
  3. Verbally commit to contribution recorded on Technical Management Group's project description Wiki pages
  • Action: Chris will develop language for an open call for committee participation on this basis

Technical governance of contributors/contributions

  • David will develop some procedures and policies for inclusion in the committee charter document

Test Tools Inventory

  • Reviewed draft page on Cypress Wiki pages outlining the categories of information to be recorded about each set of test tools under IHE
  • This is separate from project description pages to be developed by TMG

Action Items

  1. Contributor Agreements: David Monteau will provide advice to committee on adoption of Apache 2.0 contributor agreements (for discussion on May 5 tcon)
  2. Project Definition Page: Eric and Steve will begin developing a Wiki page outlining the Gazelle project, listing major responsibilities and including an annual road map of tools development and testing activities
  3. Committee Governance Charter: David Monteau will draft an expansion of the Testing and Tools Committee language included in the Principles of Governance
  4. Testing Issues Page: Chris Carr will begin a Wiki page for posting testing-related policy questions for the Testing and Tools Committee to consider

Next Tcon

  • Monday, May 5, 8:30am CDT
  • Agenda Items:
    • Review Contributor Agreements
    • Review Language of Call for Committee Participation

Testing and Tools Committee