IHE Testing and Tools Committee Teleconference Minutes 2007-11-13

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  • Chris Carr, RSNA
  • Geert Claeys, Agfa
  • Joan McMillen, RSNA
  • Steve Moore, MIR
  • Mike Nusbaum, IHE-Canada


1. TnT Committee Governance and Leadership

a. Discussion deferred to next call; with additional detail on this item to include:

  • How to define committee membership:
    • Should members submit form declaring their intent to contribute to project?
    • Should their contributions and status of membership be evaluated periodically by the Testing Management Group?

2. Gazelle development status

a. Steve Moore reported that the Gazelle development group is moving forward with a combination of volunteer contributors and Technical Management Group members. The architecture and platform for the tools have been chosen and work has begun on the core control layer for Gazelle.

3. Product Registry

a. Development on the Product Registry has been delayed somewhat over the dispute about whether to include information about binding between different actors/profiles implemented on a given product.

b. Decision is to proceed with basic information about actors and profiles implemented and add information about bindings as Domain Committees make it available.

4. Tools licensing policy draft

a. Agreement is to proceed with an open source/free licensing model for all components of Gazelle.

b. Licensing agreement has to be drafted to avoid impeding commercial implementations of components.

c. David Monteau of INRIA is drafting licensing language for review by contributors.

5. CCHIT/MITRE consortium discussions with NIST and IHE

a. CCHIT and MITRE Corp have expressed interest in working together on tools and making use of IHE tools for CCHIT testing. NIST has acted a bit in the role of facilitator for these discussions. NIST will continue to work with both groups and from the point of view of the US Fed Gov' ONCHIT, will serve as the lead agency for Healthcare IT testing software development.

b. CCHIT and IHE have agreed to develop a joint statement about collaboration and about the respective roles of the two organizations in testing and certification of HIT. Joyce Sensmeier and Chris Carr are developing the IHE version of the message; Mark Leavitt will develop CCHIT's version and Lisa Carnahan of NIST will work on producing a combined version.

6. OHT/Eclipse collaboration discussions

a. Open Health Tools is a new initiative of Eclipse, an outgrowth of the Open Health Framework Project. They have contracts to develop tools for Canada Health Infoway (CHI) and the UK Public Health Service. They are to announce on Nov. 15 their new consortium and plans for supporting these projects. Mike Nusbaum provided a [presentation from Eclipse] about its plans.

b. Dennis Giokas of CHI provided Chris Carr an introduction to Skip McGaughey of Eclipse. They have had a couple of brief conversations and the door is open to further discussion once the TnT Committee decides on a stance toward collaboration.

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