IHE Testing and Tools Committee Teleconference Agenda 2010-12-06

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  • Public comment and final review: Follow up on distribution of guidelines
  • Gazelle Development
  • Agreement among group strategic discussion is needed to decide upon way forward in developing future test tools
  • Task Force for discussion: Steve Moore, North American Project Manager; Eric Poiseau, IHE-Europe Project Manager; Chris Carr, IHE USA/North America sponsorship; Joyce Sensmeier, IHE USA/North America sponsorship; Peter Kuenecke - IHE Europe Management, Planning and Financial Issues; Karima Bourquard, IHE-Europe, Supervision and Planning, Development Tools; Cor Loef - IHE Europe Testing and Tools Committee and IHE International Testing and Tools Committee
  • Wednesday, Dec. 8, 8:30am CST
  • Outline issues for discussion
  • Status of Gazelle for Connectathon and Projectathon use
  • Development process review
  • Responsibilities
  • Communication
  • Architecture review
  • Centralized test model/test engine
  • Collaboration with other parties contributing test tools
  • Documents to develop for discussion - Due to the group by Noon CT, Friday, Dec. 3
  • Gazelle development project team responsibilities including roles of collaborating organizations - Steve and Eric
  • Identify current uses and potential opportunities for use of tools (eg, Connectathons, epSOS, US NIST RFP)
  • Architectural alternatives
  • North American Connectathon
  • Project management team responding to participants and making tools stable
  • Not all tests have yet been loaded
  • NIST contributing XDS and PIX/PDQ testing
  • Steve Moore and Lynn Felhofer visiting NIST HQ to do testing prep, Dec. 2-3
  • European Connectathon
  • Registration open until January 10
  • Pre-connectathon testing starts mid-February and deadline is mid-March

  • Next Steps
  • Next Committee Tcon: Mon., Dec. 20, 10-11:30 am CT

Testing and Tools Committee