IHE Testing and Tools Committee Teleconference Agenda 2010-09-13

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  • Gazelle Development Update
  • Project Manager Training Session
  • Connectathon Guidelines
  • Proposed recognition of IHE Korea Connectathon
  • Made advance announcements to Testing and Tools and Board
  • Todd Cooper and Manny Furst acted in role of Connectathon Managers; used test scripts from PCD North America
  • Tests were used largely as developed without specific accommodation needed for mix of participants present
  • NIST provided tooling for advanced testing
  • Connectathon focused on limited set of PCD profiles - PCD01 over Web Services (published for Trial Implementation)
  • Event held Monday-Wednesday at Kyungpook Univ in Daegu; about 6 companies with 7 systems (4 sending, 3 receiving)
  • Results were recorded by hand in spreadsheet
  • Motion to be presented to IHE International Board: Recognize results of IHE Korea Connectathon in results database
  • Communication with IHE China about Connectathon publications, plans
  • Investigate details of IHE Japan testing event scheduled for October
  • Administrative Requirements:
  • Process for announcement that provides guidance on information required (template) and produces record of communication
  • Need to provide more specific information on approval role of Testing and Tools Committee and Board
  • Need to provide specific guidance on details of reporting test results for incorporation into results database

Testing and Tools Committee