IHE Testing and Tools Committee 2010-06-21 Teleconference Minutes

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  • Karima Bourquard
  • Bruce Curran
  • Didi Davis
  • Flora Lum
  • Steve Moore
  • Bill Majurski
  • Charles Parisot
  • Eric Poiseau
  • Lisa Spellman
  • Chris Carr


Calendar Updates

  • RO Connectathon taking place at ASTRO HQ the week of Sept. 20-24
  • Connectathon Manager Training: Sept. 14-20 at RSNA HQ in Oak Brook
  • Bill Majurski, Steve Moore, Eric Poiseau are faculty members
  • Include material to address the needs of HIEs based on XDS profiles?
  • Need to develop list of HIEs
  • Include state HIE coordinators: Lisa Joe Jenkins a point of contact for this group (being coordinated by Deloitte)
  • Criteria and RFPs for Authorized Temporary Certification Bodies (ATCB) have just been published by ONC; submissions due in July
  • Action Item: Chris Carr to send announcement to ihenews list assuming main target prospective Connectathon managers

Gazelle Development

  • XD* profiles are listed as a priority level 4; NIST tools currently work independently at Connectathons
  • epSOS needs slight modifications to these tools
  • Changing the interface of these tools to work with Gazelle is a larger body of work
  • Bill Majurski will communicate with Eric Poiseau about potential to link tools to Gazelle interface
  • Interface for Gazelle needs to be documented so that other developers (NIST, MIR) can contribute simulators
  • PIX/PDQ work has proceeded on three tracks: NIST and INRIA have both developed tools to replace the original MIR scripts
  • Need to identify the relative priority of proxies versus simulators
  • Proxies are an important Connectathon tool: eg, HL7 v2 or Web Services proxies
  • Action Item: Karima Bourquard will develop list of proxies to be developed
  • Action Item: Steve Moore to add status column and designations
  • Action Item: Eric Poiseau, Steve Moore and Bill Majurski to work out schedule for simulator development based on priorities

Connectathon Guidelines

  • Introduce product information to Connectathon registration and results reporting
  • Action Item: Chris Carr to add paragraph to Connectathon rules on providing and publishing product names with Connectathon results

Next Meeting

  • Scheduled for July 5, which is a US holiday
  • Rescheduled to July 6, 10:30-11:30 CT

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