IHE Testing and Tools Committee 2010-03-15 Teleconference Minutes

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  • Chris Carr - RSNA
  • Didi Davis - Serendipity Consulting
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo - RSNA
  • Jane Gilbert - IHE Australia
  • Flora Lum - AAO
  • Bill Majurski - NIST
  • Vince McCauley - IHE Australia
  • Joan McMillen - RSNA
  • Steve Moore - MIR
  • Rob Snelick - NIST


1) Training Events

  • Eric and Peter K working on logistics for June 7-9 event in Paris
  • Sept. event in US could be scheduled HL7 Meeting, first week of October
  • Week of Sept. 27 a possibility

2) Gazelle Development Status

  • Optimizing the application for use in Bordeaux; first time it will be the main platform
  • IHE-J considering using Gazelle for October Connectathon; (annct in May; Reg in June)
  • IHE-Australia using for April testing event; possibly also in July event
  • Now have meta tests functionality in Gazelle
  • Rewriting the Connectathon grading page
  • IHE J has visited Rennes to deliver the DICOM part of the proxy
  • Lynn F and Eric's group converting existing Kudu tests to Gazelle platform
  • Test plans/instructions need to be converted completely
  • Individual process steps being added as possible on priority basis
  • Automated test simulators will be place for PIX/PDQ, but not other profiles

3) Development Tasks

  • Conversion of test scripts has been done domain-by-domain
  • Steve: PCC
  • Eric: Lab/Path
  • Lynn: Radiology/Cardiology
  • First set of development tasks: develop Simulators to plug into Gazelle
  • Priority profiles: PIX/PDQ (underway), Rad SWF, Lab SWF (IHE-J taking on)
  • Steve Moore has list of priority profiles to match with interests
  • IHE Australia may have bandwidth in April-July time frame to take on tasks
  • Tests for new profiles
  • Internet testing with Gazelle
  • Using Proxies to extract context information; check actual data values (as opposed to general message validation) with NIST EVS
  • Needs to be harmonized with existing NIST pre-Connectathon test tool, which does extract these content elements (eg, validation on expected ID returned)
  • Action Item: Steve M to distribute priority "sign-up list"

4) Connectathon Guidelines

  • Australian Comments: timelines geared toward North American and European events; may need smaller, additional events
  • Australia has an event in July time frame; but also occasionally has more targeted events that receive government support; may include testing beyond IHE profiles
  • Transitional arrangement necessary: could give notice for standing meetings, but not for all events
  • General Announcements: need to better describe method for making anncts
  • Profiles
  • In Gazelle when we create a test instance of test we select the domain that we want to test
  • Action Item: Chris Carr to revise draft Guidelines to incorporate
  • Action Item: Vince McCauley will provide information on annual Connectathon plans


  • Sources Sought announcement has been issued for smaller standards test services provider
  • Related RFPs to follow in March-April time frame; 30-day submission period

6) Next tcon: Monday, March 22, 10am CT

  • Next tcon at adjusted time: Monday, April 19, 3pm CT

Testing and Tools Committee