IHE Testing and Tools Committee 2009-12-07 Teleconference Minutes

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  • Karima Bourquard
  • Chris Carr
  • Didi Davis
  • Peter Kuenecke
  • Bill Majurski
  • Steve Moore
  • Charles Parisot
  • Eric Poiseau
  • Lisa Spellman


1) Gazelle Development

  • Presentation to Board by Charles Parisot
  • Status update
  • Create plan and budget for Gazelle development and testing expansion
  • Due in late January
  • Account for all resources currently allocated to testing tools and testing activities
  • Resources currently come from other organizations: national deployment committees, sponsoring organizations, domain sponsors
  • Goals: clarity and workable inventory of resources for global project manager
  • Peter K and Eric will develop input from IHE-E
  • Chris Carr and Steve Moore will develop input from IHE-NA, including IHE RO and Eye Care domains
  • Chris Carr will solicit information about IHE-J activities from Shinoda-san and Dr. Kimura
  • Action Item: Chris Carr develop two-page straw man for strategic discussion
  • Allocate 2009-12-21 agenda to discussion of budget materials and strategic document
  • Decision on global project manager for Gazelle
  • Eric Poiseau assuming overall management for Gazelle development
  • Additional testing resources will need to be added to free Eric's time for tools development
  • Strategic plan and budget will depend significantly on filling this resource gap
  • Gazelle development tracking update
  • Review development tracking spreadsheet by Charles Parisot
  • Gap in March time frame in development and testing of Simulators
  • Action Item: Steve Moore to develop inventory of Simulators and assign suggested priorities and time frames for testing

2) Connectathon Manager Training

  • Proposed date/location: June 7-9/Paris
  • Eric Poiseau to provide location details
  • Peter K to work on developing pdf registration form
  • Chris Carr to send invitation message to ihenews list
  • Faculty, curriculum, logistics: Bill, Eric, Steve
  • Gazelle project development meeting to follow
  • Targeted promotion: IHE deployment committees (Australia, China, Japan); Dr. Kwak (Korea); Malaysian group; HIEs using IHE profiles (Charles and Didi can provide list/contact - Chris Carr develop more targeted invitation); ONC (Dr. Chopra) - Lisa Spellman (working with HIMSS Gov. Relations group) will invite to Connectathon conference and provide information about testing event

3) Connectathon Application Form

  • Reviewed application form developed by Steve Moore
  • Coordinated with Connectathon Guidelines document
  • Chris Carr and Steve Moore to review documents and ensure correspondence
  • Include information about commitments and benefits for Connectathon recognition

4) List of Recognized Connectathons?

  • Begin assembling information on IHE North America, Europe, etc.
  • Action Item: Chris Carr request information from groups along with asking them to review Guidelines document

5) IHE Australia proposed use of Gazelle

  • Proposal to use Gazelle for testing of NeHTA Secure Messaging in March/April
  • Correspondence of specification with IHE profiles
  • Conflicts with IHE E testing
  • No current opportunity for Gazelle training prior to June; possible to schedule another event for Autumn to meet their convenience

6) Registration tool development/maintenance

  • New name for tool for testing purposes: Geneva
  • MIR will support for Connectathon testing
  • Use in demonstrations

7) REM Profile testing proposal

  • Will be remotely tested
  • Pathology profile may be tested

8) Other Issues?

Testing and Tools Committee