IHE Testing and Tools Committee 2009-09-14 Teleconference Minutes

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  • Steve Moore, MIR
  • Bill Majurski, NIST
  • Flora Lum, MD - AAO
  • Bruce Curran, RO
  • Didi Davis, Serendipity Health
  • Eric Poiseau, INRIA
  • Lisa Spellman, HIMSS
  • Chris Carr, RSNA
  • Joan McMillen, RSNA
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo, RSNA


1) Connectathon Guidelines

  • Feedback from distribution to Nat/Reg Cmtes

2) Monitor Recruitment and Training

  • Outcomes of HIMSS monitor training program
  • Additional monitor training needed for IHE NA and IHE E Connectathons
  • Steve and Paul Nagy will have teleconference today to review 18 applications received through SIIM recruitment
  • Action Item: Chris Carr to send new version of recruitment message to Lisa for recruitment of HIMSS members; define selection process; focus on getting people with capabilities in XDS, PIX/PDQ and CDA content profiles; Oct. 15 deadline for applications; selection by Oct. 30; November 17, 10am CT kick-off tcon
  • Lisa to target specific HIMSS subgroups like clinical engineering, nursing informatics

3) Spring Connectathon Manager Training Event

  • Date, location, faculty
  • Terms, business and logistics arrangements
  • Review and update announcement
  • Action Item: Chris Carr to survey potential participants about their preferred dates; propose Paris April 19-21; Washington May 3-5
  • Message to: IHE Australia, Japan (Bruce Curran to provide IHE-RO Japan names), China, Malaysia, EPSOS (via Charles)

4) Gazelle Status Update

  • Major pieces of Gazelle platform due by Oct. 15 for opening of IHE-E Connectathon about Nov. 1
  • Outcomes of discussion with NIST
  • Large group of NIST participants on call, including Booz Allen contract managers working with NHIN contractors
  • Agreement that NIST will develop its own control system for now; work on interfaces between test engine and simulators is key to both sides
  • MIR analyzing NIST interface developed by Rob Snelick's team

5) Product Registry

  • Activity subsequent to announcement of opening
  • Action Item: Chris Carr to distribute message to ihenews list

6) US Federal Health Architecture/NHIN Testing

  • Plan to develop testing tools within ONC, working with NIST
  • NHIN contractors have been informed that they will not get direct funding for year 2; will have to rely on state funding for development of NHIN gateways
  • NHIN contractors are potential early implementers of HITSP specs; not clear how the early implementation activity will be funded in future
  • Extension Centers: RFP that came out along with HIE RFPs: based on agricultural extensions center model; 70 extension centers primarily in rural areas to share best practices around EHRs; work with community colleges on 2-year programs for EHR administrators; potential target for education and recruitment of monitors, etc.; documented outcomes, success stories, etc.; funding to begin in March-April 2010 time frame

7) H1N1 Contingency Planning

  • Need to establish contingency plan
  • Examine liability with hotel contract: Nichole has contract policy:
  • Cancellation policy: sponsors would be on the hook for $119,355; 75% of anticipated room revenue
  • Other contingency planning issues:
  • Absence of key staff
  • Refund policy for companies withdrawing for health reasons (50% refund? waive future registration? no refund?)
  • Measures to reduce risk of infection: eg, masks, hand sanitizer, instructions on avoiding contact via keyboards,etc.
  • RSNA and HIMSS will examine meeting contingency planning guidelines for useful guidelines on dealing with infectious disease

8) Next tcon: Sept. 28

  • Feedback on Spring Connectathon dates

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