IHE Testing and Tools Committee 2009-08-31 Teleconference Minutes

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  • Bruce Curran, ASTRO
  • Didi Davis, Serendipity Consulting
  • Cor Loef, Philips
  • Steve Moore, MIR
  • Eric Poiseau, INRIA
  • Chris Carr, RSNA


1) Connectathon Guidelines

  • Reviewed Connectathon Guidelines language added to address role of domain sponsors and committees
  • Agreement that insert generally covers the role of domains
  • May need more explicit description of necessity of hiring qualified technical support for any Connectathon
  • Action Item: Committee to give document final review and send Chris Carr final comments by 2009-09-07
  • Action Item: Chris Carr to distribute document for review to all IHE national committee

2) Monitor Recruitment and Training

  • SIIM has issued announcement about plans to hold training event at its HQ in Maryland Oct. 21
  • Lynn Felhofer and Bill Majurski will be primary instructors
  • Applications due Sept. 8
  • Action Item: Chris Carr to forward announcement of program to ihenews list

3) Gazelle Status Update

  • Goal of development is to have Gazelle fully operational in advance of IHE Europe Connectathon
  • Demonstration of Gazelle status for NIST scheduled for Sept. 10, 8:30am CT
  • Provides two-week horizon of development plans and progress
  • Need additional higher-level timeline of key deliverables
  • Action Item: Eric and Steve to provide link to higer-level timeline in advance of NIST call

4) Product Registry

  • Need to promote how this will be the source of information for users/purchasers
  • Need to add information about Jan. 2010 sunsetting of www.ihe.net Integration Statement page to that page and notify those with links there
  • Action Item: Chris Carr will revise and distribute announcement, update page and notify those with links on the page

5) US Federal Health Architecture/NHIN Testing

  • US HHS IT Policy committee has decided not to use CCHIT testing tools for its January testing event
  • Busily examining options for test tools development and holding testing before ONC contract ends in March 2010

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