IHE Testing and Tools Committee 2009-07-06 Teleconference Minutes

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  • Didi Davis - CareSpark
  • Chris Lindop - GE
  • Cor Loef - Philips
  • Bill Majurski - NIST
  • Steve Moore - Mallinckrodt Inst.
  • Charles Parisot - GE
  • Eric Poiseau - INRIA
  • Chris Carr - RSNA
  • Joan McMillen - RSNA
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo - RSNA


1) Connectathon Guidelines

  • Add more specific guidelines about events that combine IHE testing with other sorts of testing
  • Additional comments invited until close of business today.
  • Action Item: Chris Carr to send amended document to Board for approval on its Thursday, July 9 tcon
  • Announcement in coordination with announcement of Training Event will follow
  • Need specific follow up with national deployment groups (approved and in formation) to make them familiar with requirements

2) IHE Connectathon Manager Training Event

  • October 14-16, 2009 in Paris
  • Meeting rooms in INRIA facility in 13th arrondisement
  • Pricing/fee collection
  • Fees set on 4/27 tcon:
  • $4000/individual
  • $7000 for two representatives from a single organization
  • $10000 for three or more (up to five) from a single organization--as space is available
  • Excess funds to be contributed to a pool for supporting development of test tools
  • IHE Europe, with COCIR as secretariat, may be in a position to perform accounting
  • Action Item: Chris Carr will discuss with Peter Kuenecke about how funds will be collected and distributed
  • Announcement and invitation
  • Recruitment in US: HIEs and related projects; address cost concerns
  • Include statement about use of net revenues for tools production
  • Include themes, but not detailed agenda
  • Action Item: Steve and Eric will start draft by end of week for distribution by July 13
  • Close of registration deadline: Sept. 15
  • Minimum participants to hold event:
  • At least 3 organizations, at least one of which has to be an IHE regional/national deployment committee
  • EPSOS representatives may participate

3) Gazelle Update

  • Staff reshuffling has caused some delays
  • Vienna used Gazelle for registration and Kudu for testing
  • IHE North America Connectathon 2010 likely to use Kudu for registration and testing
  • Would allow INRIA to focus exclusively on testing platform development
  • INRIA/Rennes working on Web GUI and underlying test platform development (based on BPEL)
  • Can now launch tests from Gazelle
  • Goal to have test platform released by October
  • Opening registration for Europe 2010 in October: will be completely based on Gazelle
  • Mallinckrodt/St. Louis working on lower-level test definitions and test plans
  • Need to translate existing tests (600 test scripts) into language used for test definition in Gazelle
  • NIST conferences and contract tenders may come in late summer (September)
  • IHE project goal is to make Gazelle the development platform for NIST testing tools; avoid having NIST develop additional platform; advantageous to be able to demonstrate test platform
  • Rob Snelick is currently writing spec for NIST to issue to contractors
  • Possible to demonstrate test definition tools, external validation service; Eric's lab has instance of test platform in place to use for demonstration purposes
  • Action Item: Chris Carr to invite Rob Snelick and Lisa Carnahan to Gazelle demonstration/update tcon (Webex)
  • Suggest to Lisa on her return next week; include Rob Snelick if possible; schedule before July 22 (beginning of Eric's vacation)
  • Greater visibility for Gazelle on ihe.net Website also required

4) Registry

  • New release opened two weeks ago; minor bug fixes have taken place since
  • Time for general invitation to participants
  • Action Item: Chris Carr to include call for submissions in next ihenews release

5) Federal Health Architecture Connect Conference

  • Didi Davis reported on two-day conference (June 29-30)
  • David Blumenthal keynote address
  • ONC reassembling its team: Leslie Powers lead contact
  • NHIN work groups held concurrently
  • Security
  • Governance
  • Promoted Connect Open Source Gateway
  • CCHIT in attendance
  • NHIN may leverage CCHIT testing infrastructure (using NIST and Mitre testing tools) and develop reference implementation groups can test against
  • NHIN open source code diverges from IHE XCA and XCPD profiles
  • Presentations available on Connect Open Source Website

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