IHE Testing and Tools Committee 2009-05-11 Teleconference Minutes

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  • Chris Carr
  • Cor Loef
  • Bill Majurski
  • Joan McMillen
  • Lisa Spellman


1) Connectathon Guidelines

  • Group to review document prior to May 25 tcon
  • Chris Carr will invite comments from China, Malaysia, Japan, Australia
  • Incorporate results reporting criteria (trial implementation vs. final text results, etc.)
  • Goal is to present a document to Board for approval on its June 11 teleconference

2) Training

  • Planned as three-day training event
  • Location dependent on availability of venue and coordination with other meetings (eg, ITI)
  • Centralized location preferred (eg, Paris, Chicago, Wash DC)
  • ITI Planning meeting in Oct (Chicago or Paris) may be event to coordinate training with
  • Lisa to pressure ITI to set dates and venue

3) Gazelle

  • Test engine prototype due at the end of May

4) Registry: http://product-registry.ihe.net/

  • Small-scale testing by vendors is ongoing
  • Need clearance from Eric Poiseau before expanding pilot project

5) Next Tcon:

  • Regularly scheduled day (May 25) is US holiday: move meeting to Tuesday, May 26, 11am CT

Testing and Tools Committee