IHE Lab Tech Minutes 11/8/2010

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  • Sondra Renly (IBM, IHE Technical Committee Co-chair)
  • Andrea Pitkus (CAP, IHE Laboratory Secretary)
  • Ed Heierman (Abbott)
  • Bill Williams (Abbott)
  • Naomi Ishii (Hitachi)
  • Andrzej Knafel (Roche)


1. Change Proposals

  • Discussion on new CP from Francois (Global Comments). Francois posted CP #165 in the incoming queue. This wasn’t discussed at the Face to Face. It entails adding comments. There is a question about the Use case for this one. Francois was unable to join the call so we’ll discuss at the next meeting.
  • Other CPs have been posted and Sondra will be integrating these into the framework by the end of November.

2. Status of identification of changes for LAW Profile

  • Christophe Reynaud has updated a new document to google documents. However, it’s too big and has formatting issues for google documents. Users can download it to their desktop and view it privately on their computer. They are simplifying it so that it can be posted and edited live. They are trying to have it posted by the beginning of next week. Also a request to break it up into smaller pieces to create smaller file sizes. The 4 people working on this will continue their work.
  • This group has been making great progress and will let us know if they need additional resources. We may have viewable documents by the next meeting. How do we wish to notify people that the documents are posted? It’s recommended that the google groups postings continue and the information get posted on the wiki. We should also add this topic to the next meeting’s agenda.

3. Overview of Transmitting Work Order Steps to an Analyzer

  • See wiki Use Cases section under Work Order Steps to an Analyzer.
  • Ed and Rob Bush worked on this section. There is a question about whether broadcast mode or query mode should be required, with the other mode optional. It was decided after discussion that query mode will be required with broadcast mode optional as the industry is moving in that direction.
  • New instruments use query mode, but some analyzers use broadcast mode still and vendors will support that still.
  • There is a question on how trays are handled without having barcodes. Point was made that there’s an assumption that samples have a unique specimen identifier, usually provided via a barcode.
  • In generating discussion, please make assertions and see what discussion ensues being sure to post to google groups to get feedback on questions and topics.

Topics for Next Meeting

  • Discussion on new CP from Francois
  • LAW Profile changes status update

Next Call/Meeting

The next IHE lab call will be held on Tuesday November 30, 2010 from 9-10am Eastern Standard Time (US- New York City).

  • Outlook Invitations
    • There is a request for an outlook invitation for the meetings in addition to the google groups invitation. Several people like having multiple ways to look at calendar invites. Also a request to update the outlook regularly scheduled invitations