IHE Lab Tech Minutes 11/30/2010

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  • Sondra Renly (IBM, IHE Technical Committee Co-chair)
  • Francois Macary (ASIP Sante, IHE Planning Committee Co-chair)
  • Andrea Pitkus (CAP, IHE Laboratory Secretary)
  • Ed Heierman (Abbott)
  • Jean Benech (bioMerieux)
  • Andrzej Knafel (Roche)
  • Naomi Ishii (Hitachi)
  • Daniel Moncusi (Systelab Technologies)
  • J. Tresserres (Systelab Technologies)
  • Filip Migom (MIPS)
  • James Harrison, PhD. (CAP, University of Virginia)
  • Ed Harshberger (bioMérieux)
  • Christophe Reynaud (bioMerieux)


1. Discussion on new CP from Francois

  • The updated CPs are numbers 150-156. 150 and 151 were updated, but Francois needs to edit them a bit, so they are not quite ready.
  • Recap: The goal is to take as many “In Progress CPs” and add them to the Google groups.
  • Francois has added Incoming CP 165.
    • Andrzej may have some comments on this CP (165).
    • Francois explains this CP enables the sender to provide a global comment on an order, like for instance on an an antibiogram, which is a reflex order in a result message: If you want to comment on the sensitivities, you need to have the capability to add a comment on the entire order and result—a global comment attached to a battery. This capability is also useful in the order message to carry a global comment from the ordering physician. The “NTE” segment below OBR/ORC exist in the HL7 message structure, and is present in the IHE order message profiles but had been forgotten in the IHE result message profiles.

2. When do we publish TF V 3.0?

  • TF V 3.0 will be published after ballots. First we need to get out the ballot and assuming it’ll succeed. There will be draft versions of V3.0 that Sondra will want to send out with the ballot so folks can review. Volunteers are needed to review this. The ballot should take 3-4 weeks, from opening in Jan to its closing in Feb 2011. This won’t be applicable for the Jan 2011 North American connectathon, but can be utilized for the April 2011 European connectathon and in Oct 2011 for the Japanese connectathon.

3. Status update on LAW Profile changes

  • Use cases update. These have been posted on Google docs. Most of the changes in the descriptions of the use cases have been updated. There haven’t been changes in the diagrams. If you read the document, you can identify the updates. There are a few new use cases or changes in existing use cases per the additions from IICC.
  • Now feedback is needed. Assistance with this is welcome. Feedback should be provided on the Wiki , Google doc (use post it comment like in Microsoft Word), or via email if there are technical difficulties? Comments can be indicated on a specific Word or section in the doc. Are the wiki and Google docs both being maintained? The Google Docs website is being used for comments. Later it can be updated to the wiki. The Wiki can be used to enhance and comment further on decisions.
  • It’s recommended at the top of the wiki, a link to the Google doc should be provided and the intent of use of the wiki and Google docs should be made. Readers will then know what aspects are located where. People will know where to add concepts. Sondra will start soon. Should a notification be sent out on Google groups alerting them of the change? Having more people contribute to this effort is a good thing. The only people with edit access will be the IHE Lab Google Groups members.
  • Preliminary comments should be made in the next week so that the team can provide feedback by the next call in 2 weeks.
  • Question about not making changes in the second part of the document? Changes have only been made in the first part, right? Changes may be needed, but we need to check and make sure all the requirements are recorded at the message level. Andrzej and the IICC messaging team can help here.
  • Pooling of patient specimens use case has been discussed via email. There are 4-5 people willing to participate in a discussion on this topic. There is discussion of including a person from the HL7 clinical genomics workgroup for a source of SME in molecular diagnostics. Should this be open to the entire Google group members? It might be good to inform the Google groups so that vendors or other members could join the discussion. Agenda will be posted to the wiki as an upcoming call too.

4. Broadcast/Query Mode Wiki Discussion

  • Ed updated the group that he worked with Rob Bush on updating the wiki. This is still in progress under the Use Cases page.

5. Attending 2011 Connectathon one day conference and visitor tour

  • Within IIICC, the marketing manager has emailed the IICC members about 2011 connectathon information.
  • Is there information about the 1 day visitor tour at the 2011 NA Connectathon with registration information, etc? Sondra indicates visitor’s day is usually Wed. Chris Carr (call) is the best person to provide this information. In Europe, this is organized by IHE Europe with a single person in charge with a committee to develop the schedule and activities. It’s the week of Jan 17th.

6. IICC Press Release on IHE/IICC Partnership

  • IICC would like to generate some press releases on the technical work being done within IHE Lab. From IHE, there would be two levels of reviewers, both from IHE Lab and IHE in general.

7. Inquiry on who will be attending HL7 in Australia? None.

8. Kudos on the work being done. Much progress has been made.

Action Items

1. Sondra will work on this in 2011 to put them in a spreadsheet to disseminate via Google groups and balloting.

2. Francois to send update of 150 and 151 by end of day (11/30/2010).

3. Feedback should be provided on LAW Profile Changes on the Wiki , Google doc (use post it comment like in Microsoft Word), or via email if there are technical difficulties.

4. Andrea to organize the phone call regarding "Pooling of patient specimens" in Jan 2011 with the names of the people involved.

5. Andrea to contact Chris Carr at RSNA regarding visiting tour dates for 2011 Connectathon.

Next Call/Meeting

The next IHE lab call will be held on Tuesday, December 14, 2010 from 8-9am Eastern Standard Time (US- New York City).