IHE Lab Meeting Minutes 09/18/2012

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  1. IHE Fall Webinar Series: Lab Domain Update, Sept 20 at 9 am Central
    1. Francois & Sondra will be sharing update on Lab activities
    2. The draft will be shared prior to the webinar
  2. ELGA (Austria Electronic Health Record Initiative) Feedback Report—used IHE Lab’s profiles; their feedback is expected by the end of September
  3. F2F in Feb 4-6 in Chicago


  1. New participants:
    1. Welcome, Laurent!
  2. Review/Update Agenda
  3. Technical Framework and LAW Supplement:
    1. split of volume 2; the edits have been completed and received back from Mary Jungers. It will be updated and go out for publication as soon as possible.
    2. will be in time for NA Connectathon
    3. the expected publication date will be announced during the webinar
  4. IHE Domain Milestones Table
    1. new table for 2012-2013
    2. Sondra put in preliminary dates
    3. LAW profile will be ready to move from trial to final in 2013
    4. The profile will be integrated into a republishing of the technical framework
  5. IHE Profiles Page
    1. under each domain, it shows all the profiles
    2. one centralized place for all the info
    3. LAW is missing from this page-Profile template is at the bottom
    4. Francois and Ed will do the first draft of this before next meeting
  6. LCC Profile Update—on the next call
    1. waiting to hear from vendors
  7. Request for HL7 CDA R2 Schema for XD-LAB
    1. Sondra will follow up with Eric P regarding this
    2. folder will be created to put the schema
  8. IICC/LAW Update
    1. the latest issue of Clin Lab News had an article on LAW Profile (Published by AACC); momentum and publicity for the work
    2. Ed will forward the article/link to post this
    3. Francois will include this information in his webinar
    4. Encouraging people to participate in the NA Connectathon to test the LAW Profile
  9. Lab/AP conference Calls-
    1. Postpone the AP conference call until next Lab call-resynchronize their schedule

Next Call

  • Oct 16 will be next call