IHE Lab Meeting Minutes 09/10/2013

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IHE Lab Domain Monthly Call


  1. CP Ballot, LAW/TF Publication Schedule
    • Ballot is out and voting has begun
    • CP integration into the supplement is being done
    • CP will be spot checked and updated to technical framework
  2. Co-Chair Elections
    • Elections for co-chair will begin September 18, 2013
    • Results will be announced at F2F in Tokyo
  3. IHE Lab Webinar
    • Topic closed. No additional comment
  4. Update on LCC
    • Work is being done on a list of alternative RELs and how they will be implemented – to be discussed at an upcoming HL7/OO meeting (before Tokyo meeting).
    • Any changes that are requested for LCC and HL7 will go into the 2.9 SPEC.
    • LCC had 2 components and previously 2 alternatives for each. There are now 3 alternatives. The third approach satisfies problematic elements of both components of LCC.
    • REL segment is not in use currently – no use cases for it. Group will be one of the first use cases.
    • Group will await OO recommendation.
  5. Next face to face Meeting in Tokyo
    • A tentative agenda for the next F2F will be put together and posted on the wiki. Suggestions are welcomed.
    • The group will decide whether the F2F should occur immediately before or after NA Connectathon in Chicago or at a later date.
    • The F2F will be tentatively scheduled for the week after the Connectathon. To be posted on Google Group website
  6. Planning NA Connectathon:
    • Updates on AACC activities: The booth was very successful. The team demonstrated gazelle tool; had one on one discussions with various interested organizations from around the world. Reached a good audience during the show. There was a lot of interest in the work demonstrated with IHE tools showing what’s available to organizations that want to implement LAW.
    • Will be communicating with IHE membership and interested parties to generate interest in NA Connectathon
    • Coordinated with IHE USA on marketing.
    • Mary to gather domain specific selling points for the marketing toolkit. She will be assisted by contact at IICC.

Next Call: F2F in Tokyo, Japan