IHE Lab Meeting Minutes 08/30/2011

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  • Sondra Renly;(IBM, IHE LAB Technical Committee Co-chair)
  • John Ritter (College of American Pathologists, IHE Lab Domain Secretary)
  • Jim Harrison,MD, PhD (CAP, University of Virginia)
  • Filip Migom (MIPS)
  • Manuela Cirronis(Inpeco)
  • Ron Ranauro (College of American Pathologists)
  • Francesca Frexia (CRS4)
  • Ed Heierman (Abbott)
  • Daniel Moncusi (Systelab)


  • Andries Hamster (Forcare)
  • Naomi Ishii
  • J.L.S. Dols
  • William Ormerod


1. Welcome and Introductions (Sondra Renly)

A. Ron Ranauro is the Director of Health Information Technology Strategy at the College of American Pathologists). Ron’s background is in computer science and business and has thirty years in the software field (with special experience in grid computing and genomics). Ron is delighted to represent CAP at the upcoming IHE Lab Domain meeting in Tokyo.

2. Laboratory Analytical Workflow (LAW) Profile update (Ed Heierman)

A. Finalizing the definitions of the content of the LAW messages (including LAW-28, Analytical Work Order Step (AWOS) Download).
B. Continuing to discuss certain outstanding issues that will need to be finalized at the f2f in Tokyo. Ed will post discussion-related materials to the wiki well in advance of the f2f meeting (to better accommodate language translation and thus maximize the time spent at the f2f).
C. Ed will coordinate with IICC (In-Vitro Diagnostics Industry Connectivity Consortium) to solicit IHE Lab Domain members to attend the upcoming European Connectathon and garner strong attendance commitments. Note: those who plan to attend the European Connectathon can attend the North American Connectathon to become familiar with the Connectathon culture and methodology.

3. Change Proposal Ballot update (Sondra Renly)

A. Comments were received and are being analyzed in advance of the f2f.
B. Need to verify that a sufficient number of responses have been received.
C. Anticipate that the ballot will have passed.

4. IHE Lab Domain F2F Meeting Agenda draft (Sondra Renly)

A. The Face-to-Face meeting will be held from September 19-21, 2011 at Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation; 1-24-14 Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8717, Japan.
B. The current, high-level draft of the agenda is here: F2F Meeting Agenda Preview . The agenda contains sufficient flexibility to accommodate people’s schedules and to promote remote (namely, conference call) participation. Please let Sondra know how to best adjust the agenda to meet your needs.
C. Newly proposed profiles can be discussed Monday, Tuesday, and/or Wednesday. Phone-in participation can be accommodated.
D. Sondra will designate a facilitator for each of the discussion topics. Ron Ranauro will handle the “Daily Wrap-up, Assignments”.

Actions Requried:

1. Ed Heierman: Post LAW discussion-related materials to the wiki in advance of the f2f meeting.
2. Ed Heierman: Garner commitments from participants of the upcoming European Connectathon who will serve as LAW Profile actors.
3. Sondra Renly: Verify that the required minimum number of ballots was received for the recent Change Proposal ballot.

5. Adjournment- The meeting adjourned at 9:20 AM Eastern U.S.

Next Meeting

Face to Face Meeting- September 19-21, 2011, Tokyo JAPAN