IHE Lab Meeting Minutes 08/02/2011

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  • Sondra Renly;(IBM, IHE LAB Technical Committee Co-chair)
  • Francois Macary (ASIP Sante, IHE Planning Committee Co-chair)
  • John Ritter (College of American Pathologists, IHE Lab Domain Secretary)
  • Jim Harrison,MD, PhD (CAP, University of Virginia)
  • Manuela Cirronis (Inpeco TIH)
  • Alessandro Sulis (CRS4, Italy – Sardinia)
  • Francesca Frexia; francesca.frexia@gmail.com
  • JD Nolen (Cerner)
  • Anna Orlova (Public Health Data Standards Consortium)


  • Ed Heierman (Abbott)
  • Ishii Naomi
  • Andries Hamster


1.Change Proposal Ballot Update

A. A good number of responses have been received regarding the Change Proposal Ballot.
B. John is updating the roster of eligible voters and will add Manulea Cirronis and Alessandro Sulies.
C. Attending the Domain’s conference call results in being added to the Domain’s roster.
D. Eligibility requirements for voting: Must be a member of IHE and must participate in two of the previous three conference calls.

2. Domain Supplement Proposals

A. Laboratory Barcode Labeling (LBL) Profile:
i. Primary editor: Alessandro Sulies.
ii. The profile proposes two new trigger events. The profile seems to be straightforward and could be useful to multiple organizations.
iii. Japanese members commented that the timing of matching the order with the patient-ID and calling the patient should be added to the profile.
iv. It seems that the addition of such a transaction is useful, but it is necessary to discuss whether other actors should be included. It would also be good to simplify the transactions.
v. Circulate updates on the goolegroups listserv before 2011-08-10.

B. Laboratory-Clinician Communication (LCC) Profile:

i. Primary editor: Jim Harrison.
ii. This profile addresses situations, for example, where a laboratory needs additional information about a test, needs to modify orders, needs to verify results, or needs to perform addition work regarding results. The communication could be initiated by laboratory staff or by something that is automated. The communication could be between a pathologist and a physician, or could be between others. These types of communications are typically performed apart from information systems. The behavioral pattern of these communications may be able to be aligned with the emerging HL7 Behavioral Model for Ordering Consulting standard, but more information will be needed regarding the clinician-lab workflow, for example, in the messaging component. To accommodate “urgent” communications, for example, the EMR might launch an automated page (notification) that also contains some of the relevant data; a phone call resulting from that page could be documented. The log of these types of interactions (and other order-related metadata), if structured, could flow to the EMR. Currently, lab communication workflow is organized locally and the lab-EMR communications are not captured electronically. The LCC work-item could help promote a more well-defined set of lab-EMR communications.
iii. Next Steps:
1. It would be good if the profile clarified its underlying assumptions, goals, added value, and feasibility. For example, should all of the Lab-EMR communications be automated – or should some of them remain “manual”? It would be good to refine the Use Cases by including examples of communication-interactions, data elements, message components, and trigger-events.
2. Refine the use case; identify the associated challenges.
3. Ask for vendor input. Specifically, it might be good to ask for vendor input from vendors who have an integrated LIS-EMR and from vendors who are from different systems. Consider that the communication-interaction will likely flow to various clinicians (who will use various systems).
4. Present a refined proposal at the upcoming September 2011 face-to-face meeting in Japan. It would be good if that presentation is made jointly by CAP and at least two vendors.
5. Update the “brief proposal” using the IHE “detailed proposal” form. (See ftp://ftp.ihe.net/Document_templates/IHE_Profile_Proposal_Template-Detailed.docx )
6. Sondra will establish a new wiki for this project. (See http://wiki.ihe.net/index.php?title=LCC_Long_Proposal_-_wiki )
7. Jim Harrison will post the project’s materials to the new IHE wiki page.

MOTION: [Unanimously approved.] Accept the Laboratory Barcode Labeling supplement proposal.

MOTION: [Unanimously approved.] Request more details for the Laboratory-Clinician Communication supplement proposal and present and discuss the profile at the upcoming September 2011 face-to-face meeting in Japan.

3. Proposed Agenda for the Face-to-Face Meeting

A. Discuss new profile proposals (on which days??)
B. LAW Profile
i. Finish editing the public comments received, then publish the resolutions. Prepare for a November 2011 public comment release.
C. LBL Profile supplement
i. Presentation by the Italian team. Finalize the draft. Prepare for a November 2011 public comment release. Prepare for May 2011 Connectathon test in Europe.
D. LCC Profile
i. Present and discuss the detailed proposal.
E. Vote for the official representative to the IHE Board (currently covered by John Ritter)
F. Change Proposals for all profiles
i. XD Lab Profile. Check it using Schematron (Public Health Report content).

4. Other topics

A. XD Lab Profile.
i. Discuss the requirements for the including the XD Lab Profile in the upcoming North American Connectathon with Steve Moore.
ii. Steps: CDA schema validation; Schematron validation; manual review.
iii. Anna Orlova and Sondra need to coordinate to confirm the readiness of the XD Lab Profile.
B. Note: Change Proposals can be received at any time.
C. Which countries would benefit from local phone lines for our bi-weekly meeting?
i. France (yes); Italy (No need for a special dial-in phone number); Japan (ask them at the f2f); USA (yes); Belgium (sometimes); Spain (unknown).

5. Actions Required

A. Alessandro Sulies: Circulate LBL updates on the goolegroups listserv before 2011-08-10.
B. Anna Orlova and Sondra: Coordinate to confirm the readiness of the XD Lab Profile.
C. Sondra Renly: Establish a new wiki for the LCC project.
D. Jim Harrison: Post the project’s materials to the new IHE wiki page.

6. Adjournment- The meeting adjourned at 10:07 AM Eastern U.S.

Next Call/Meeting

Next regularly scheduled IHE lab call will be held on Tuesday, August 16, 2011 from 9:00-10:00 AM (Eastern Time, NYC)