IHE Lab Meeting Minutes 07/9/2013

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IHE Lab Meeting Minutes Draft

July 9, 2013

Attendees: Francois Macaray, Laurent Lardin, Jim Harrison, Mary Kennedy, Anna Orlova, Alessandro Sulis, Andrzej Knafel, Celina Roth, Daniel Moncusi, Ed Heierman, Harry Solomon, Daniel Nebot

Ccurrent CP for Law Updates:

  • Have about 10 CPs in final form almost ready to post for voting
  • There is a second round of CPs – includes Laurent and Francois working on additional example on microbiology workflow
  • Current batch does not seem to include anything in regards to storage of bulk results as primary observations in a separate repository
  • LAW has transactions for carrying – have not yet defined actors like bulk results storage – use RP data type in the message; Additional CP – CP-199 includes the vocabulary for RP
  • Do we want to make it a named option to encourage analyzers to include the RP datatype; in CP 199 is for supplemental images vs. main results
  • Andrej has a use case – anatomical pathology results – flow cytometry and genetic testing could have similar situation.

Action Items:

  • Ed will try to complete the final CPs left over
  • Harry to write the CP – expect the analyzer manager to be able to handle RP results
  • Ed will send updated version of CP-199 onto the FTP server – there is CP-200 that has the table for result data types

LAB Contribution to IHE international Glossary:

  • Domain Coordination Committee is building a consolidated glossary, which has prompted them to request some corrections on Lab glossary.
  • Francois made corrections -created a new CP LAB TF
  • LAW profile also introduced corrections to the glossary.

2013 Publication Plans for ILW and LAW Supplements, LAB TF 5.0:

  • LAW and ILW Supplements were to be published 6/25/2013 – had to be adjusted for the end of August.
  • TF may be published in early October. May have to adjust TF example that validate in Gazelle – need to write new.

Action Items:

  • Alessandro to check the wiki page for CPs for TF. If some are missing, he will write missing CP’s.

LCC update:

  • Talked to patient care workgroup, who defined a REL segment – had gathered feedback from OO listserve – REL establishes relationships has target and instance identifier – can link the order to the result or the order to the order that is supposed to be replaced; move most of the LCC into the REL segment
  • Jim worked through, but it doesn’t seem to work too well – need the order control code change reason, which is missing in REL; Jim will discuss at next OO conference call.
  • Will propose to retain the approach we have already – the segment has a field for a timeframe for the relationship – so no need to make changes to the TQ1 segment.
  • REL was invented for something like this, but has no use case to date - LLC may be the first use case.
  • LCC may be main topic for face to face in Tokyo to review the LLC specification

Recent & Upcoming Events: Plan to Cultivate More Representatives/Vendors at Connectathons:

  • Plan to have the LAW tested at next North American Connectathon – use the upcoming events (AACC and IHE Lab webinar) to recruit more vendors.
  • Tested at Bern Connectathon 2012 – took that feedback and review of other implementers, working through several CPs – covering micro and hematology topics – hope to get repeat participants from Bern and add more vendors
  • Have been in contact with Sunquest and hope that they will participate in Connectathon 2014 – possibly also Becton Coulter
  • IICC has booth at AACC in Houston, includes connectivity demonstrations, – show off order manager, Gazelle and other IHE tools
  • May be possible to get the Gazelle to give output of vendors that tested LAW to encourage them to test and participate in North American Connectathon.
  • Will IHE Lab be interested in doing direct audience webinars to new vendors – may be possible at AACC and later at a concentrated webinar for new vendors.
  • There are a lot of initiatives in the US that are interested in Lab – focus on new vendors – lab domain leaders talk about interoperability in the domain – tie that into the connectathon and how to test the profiles to improve – IHE USA can host and talk about the connectathon, will need lab domain content .
  • IHE lab Domain plans to have a webinar on July 24– will include LAW

Action Items:

  • Celina IHE USA to detail ideas on webinar in email and send to group via Lab Google group - all members may respond
  • IHE Lab will decide who can be available for the webinar
  • Ed will talk with Jean Raymond and Eric Olsen - to discuss existing lab domain status; set up as a joint IICC and IHE webinar

Next face to face meeting In Tokyo: Meeting details are on Google groups. Meeting to be held at JAHIS

  • Refining testing scenarios for LAW profiles – have first set of examples used in Bern at connectathon – these need to get updated

Latest HLF (user defined)Table 0078: Table 78 terms have been finalized – v2 and v3 harmonization

  • Comments to comments on CP-200 – some of the definitions are more specific in the supplement vs what HL7 name reads
  • Ed will review the final table, and see, if we need to align – not sure we need to change the descriptions
  • OO still needs resolution for the dash – is on the agenda for the OO call this week

XD-LAB’s National Extensions DMP – France, ELGA – Austria, ehealthsuisse – Switzerland: Discussion Deferred Lab Report Repository: Discussion Deferred

Other topics:

  • Wiki technical issue: please set the agenda page in line of the next call rather than the previous call
  • Anatomic pathology domain is having F2F 8/5 and 8/6 in Paris – Lab is welcome to join; if you are interested, send email to Mary and she will forward the information about the meeting
  • Remark to OO call: No one was interested in the lab domain to move a change proposal from Alessandro, we need more folks to participate – this week, can more folks be on?

Next Call: August 13th – Francois not available – check with Sondra and we will email the next date