IHE Lab Meeting Minutes 06/11/2013 Draft

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IHE Lab Minutes June 11, 2013 - DRAFT

Attendees: Daniel Nebot, Daniel Moncusi, Alessandro Sulis, Dmytro Rud, Andrzej Knafel, Filip Migom, Ed Heierman, Harry Solomon, Laurent Lardin, Riki Merrick, Sondra Renly, Mary Kennedy, François Macary

Excused: Jim Harrison

  1. Update on LCC:
    • LCC will be presented to OO this week on Thursday, June 13. Update will be posted to Google group.
  2. Current CPs for LAW and Lab TF CPs:
    • Comments have been collected from several folks on the LAW CP – will be reviewed this week. Francois has reviewed several and will send to Sondra for upload. He will notify the group via Google group that CPs are back up for review before ballot.
    • #199: for micro biology gave up the requirement of usage of OIDs–observation fragments of multiple OBX-3 and OBX-4 with the same value – still allows for it in chapter 7 of 2.7.1, NIST tooling interpreted the implied uniqueness to a conformance statement – may bring up to OO once revision is complete.
    • Abbot got migrated to word 2010 – have been updated to .docx
    • New CP for Lab TF vol 2a – is finalized and ready for posting.
    • LAW Presentation at AACC in Houston - Ed will be presenting on LAW. Andrzej will also be in attendance and will assist in the IICC booth.
  3. Latest HL7 (user defined) Table 0078:
    • This table now an HL7 controlled vocabulary – OO still approving terms after harmonization of display names and definitions between v2 and v3.
    • Riki will share version 35
    • Susceptibility testing – should the terms allowable for that be more clearly identified – is listed in the definitions.
    • Laurent will make a new CP for the updates needed to be added due to this change – to send to Ed. Sondra will review the entire specs for examples that may need to get updated once table is finalized.
  4. 'XD-Lab’s National Extensions:
    • Riki is comparing XD-lab, France (Francois to send the specification), Austria and Switzerland – header started, but body still needs to be done – won’t be ready until August call at the earliest , need to find a good format to document the national choices on the wiki.
    • Specifications for Switzerland have been written.
  5. Lab Reports Repository:
    • Riki will send all the reports from PHDCS project for posting
    • Changes to Lantana stylesheet - changes have been made to Lantana stylesheet to populate specimen ID and result status automatically – still working on correct attribution/legal issues before sharing – suggest to add a repository of style sheets – ask Anna if she can get folks to allow to share.

Next Meeting: July 09, 2013

Note: CAP is migrating to a new web conference tool. Please be sure to dial in early, as you will need to download the new software.