IHE Lab Meeting Minutes 05/15/2012

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  • Mary KENNEDY (College of American Pathologists, IHE Lab Domain Secretary) mkenned@cap.org
  • Sondra RENLY; IBM, IHE LAB Technical Committee Co-chair; srrenly@us.ibm.com
  • Francois Macary; ASIP Sante’, IHE Lab Planning Committee Co-chair; francois.macary@gmail.com
  • Ed HEIERMAN; Abbott; Ed.Heierman@abbott.com
  • Alessandro SULIS; CRS4; asulis@crs4.it


  1. LAW Profile (Ed)
    1. Change Proposal
      1. No more updates/additions to the change proposal before the Connectathon
      2. CP published on the wiki
      3. Connectathon mailing list is up to date on the latest CP
      4. Any other issues will be addressed at the Face-to-Face meeting
  2. Face to Face Meeting Agenda (link to Agenda)
    1. LCC Profile will have 45 minutes for the presentation on Thursday morning
    2. LAW Profile discussion will be on the change proposal
    3. New profiles could be on analyzers for microbiology, imaging for hematology, other ideas.
    4. Agenda for joint meeting with IHE AP will be posted on the wiki

Next Call

  • June 12th