IHE Lab Meeting Minutes 05/10/2011

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  • Francois Macary (ASIP Sante, IHE Planning Committee Co-chair)
  • Andrea Pitkus (CAP, IHE Laboratory Secretary)
  • Ed Heierman (Abbott)
  • Jean Benech (bioMerieux)
  • Christophe Reynaud (bioMerieux)
  • Jim Harrison,MD, PhD (CAP, University of Virginia)
  • Murali Venkataraman (Abbott Point of Care)


1. Final draft of LAW Vol 1 available for internal review by IICC and IHE Lab

a. Will be shared on the IHE Lab domain server via the ftp site. The link would be provided to all viewers to enable the messaging team to continue its work on the google docs document. We’ll need to update the google docs too.
b. Jean will place the document on the ftp server today. It’s placement and link will be announced on the IHE Lab google groups. Ed will notify IICC in parallel.

2. Message Team Update (Ed)

a. Meetings held on Wednesdays for the last 4-5 weeks. Contact Ed if you are interested in further details. Next meeting is May 18th.
b. Ed will update the wiki with the messaging decisions (two part query, ORL, OUL, selection of v2.5.1, etc.)
c. Order place and order filler clarifications and feedback will be sought by Andrzej at the upcoming HL7 meeting. Placer order number identifies work order step in the Lab Technical Framework.
d. Reviewed HL7 approach for Query transactions
e. Reviewed test accept/reject via Application Acknowledgement (ORL) and AWOS Status Change (OUL)
f. Andrzej will clarify a few concepts with HL7 O&O WG next week in Orlando. François brings a reminder on the concept of AWOS number: An OML messages is sent by a placer to a filler. The former requests the latter to perform a service. This order to perform the service is identified by the placer in a field which is definitely “placer order number” in the message. This logic from the HL7 standard is applied thoroughly by the IHE LAB Technical Framework. In the particular case of the LAW profile, the placer is the actor “Analyzer Manager” and the filler is the actor “Analyzer”, and the service ordered and uniquely identified with its “placer order number” is an AWOS. Another field of the same message, called “filler order number” is of no use in this case. This second field might be used to assign a secondary number to the AWOS, this time assigned by the Analyzer. The LAW messaging team will have to decide whether the field “filler order number” is totally useless or useful in some precise use cases.
g. HL7 v 2.5.1 will be the standard to which message elements and segments will be mapped. At some later point there may be a transition to HL7 v 3.

3. IICC Update (Ed)

a. New website will be available soon (within the next 2 weeks). It will provide a wealth of information both from IICC’s perspective and IHE Lab’s perspective.
b. IICC Provider Review Committee review of LAW
i. Ed will circulate Vol I within IICC and also with the Provider Review Committee (PRC) for review, chaired by Jay Jones. There will be a webinar overview for the PRC the 1st week of June.
ii. Solicit feedback during June/July
iii. Approve use cases at AACC during a Provider Review Committee meeting.
iv. Expect all comments by mid-July. Meanwhile, the messaging team will be working on edits to the transactions portion of the supplement. Request that Jean add the doc back into Google docs for editing.
c. IICC has coordinated with several supporters to have an IICC kiosk in vendor booths at AACC. It will summarize the work of IICC and IHE Lab.
d. Murali question: Laboratory Point of Care testing profile testing inquiry sent to google groups. Interested in tests that can be run for the IHE Connectathon. What are the plans for next year’s Connectathon. The Laboratory Point of Care profile has been available for 4-5 years and scarcely tested at past European Connectathons. The problem has been at least one actor was missing in the past. Simulators have been utilized for the testing. Transaction based on HL7 2.5 between point of care data manager and order filler has been tested. There are external validation services from Gazelle utilized. It captures messages sent and verifies the conformance of these messages. Detailed responses may be obtained from Eric Poiseau (the Europe technical manager of the connectathon) who has built the tools for testing. At last European Connectathon in Pisa, this profile was not tested. Radiometer has implemented this profile. Abbott Point of Care is separate from Abbott Diagnostics. Does Abbott Point of Care need to be a separate member of IHE Lab? Typically, each company has a single voting member, but several members of a company can attend calls and meetings.

4. Upcoming meetings

a. HL7 WGM in Orlando-Andrzej will represent IHE/IICC
b.Next face to face: Proposal Sept 19-21 Tokyo discussed by IHE-J (François). There will be a deadline by June 15th for this decision. The host will line up the hotel and rooms.
c. June 7 is LOINC Committee Meeting. Andrea will be attending. Discussion in past calls that there is a need for more generic LOINC codes. Rob Bush was looking into LOINC codes for IICC. There is work related to adding hierarchy codes in LOINC. Ed to also update Rob Bush on the upcoming meeting to see if he plans to attend.

Next Call/Meeting

Next regularly scheduled IHE lab call will be held on Tuesday, May 24, 2011 from 8:00-9:00 AM (Eastern Time, NYC)