IHE Lab Meeting Minutes 04/24/2012

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  • Mary KENNEDY (College of American Pathologists, IHE Lab Domain Secretary) mkenned@cap.org
  • Sondra RENLY; IBM, IHE LAB Technical Committee Co-chair; srrenly@us.ibm.com
  • Francois Macary; ASIP Sante’, IHE Lab Planning Committee Co-chair; francois.macary@gmail.com
  • Ed HEIERMAN; Abbott; Ed.Heierman@abbott.com
  • Daniel MONCUSI; Systelab; Daniel.moncusi@gmail.com
  • Andrzej KNAFEL; Roche; andrzej.knafel@roche.com
  • Alessandro SULIS; CRS4; asulis@crs4.it
  • Harry Solomon; GE; harry.solomon@ge.com


  1. LAW Profile (Ed)
    1. Change Profile
      1. Ed waiting to hear back from other team member in regards to more changes that need to be made on document
      2. Only the changes affecting the test cases need to be addressed before the Connectathon; all others will be discussed at the Face-to-Face meeting
      3. Sondra will send out notice of changes to Google Group as soon as the profile is updated
    2. Connectathon
      1. Ed made recommendations to Nicolas to constrain the results of the tests for the event
      2. Some issues came up during Connectathon testing; Ed posted the item to the Connectathon Google group so they would be addressed
      3. Francois will extract LOINC codes to be used for the Connectathon
      4. 26 Days until the Connectathon!
  2. Face to Face Meeting Agenda
    1. Meeting will go from 9-5 all days
    2. Items to be discussed: LAW profile and change proposal, technical framework, LCC profile
    3. Last half day will meet jointly with Anatomic Pathology domain
    4. Email Sondra if you have any time constraints so the agenda can be adjusted accordingly
  3. National News Updates
    1. France
      1. Currently lab profile being implemented which enables a system to broadcast catalogue of test so others can order them
      2. This profile is being promoted by 2 large reference labs and is now being more widely adopted
      3. French translation of v2.40 LOINC codes will be official for France
  4. Demos and Presentations
    1. Send to Sondra or update the table on the wiki page if you have anything to add

Next Call

  • The next call for this group will be on May 15th at 900 AM Eastern (USA)

Action items:

  • Sondra Renly: send update to Google group as soon as CP 176 is updated
  • Francois Macary: extract LOINC codes for Connectathon
  • Sondra Renly: create draft agenda for face-to-face meeting (currently up under "Agenda" for Face to face date)
  • Sondra Renly: will update demos and presentations table on the wiki