IHE Lab Meeting Minutes 04/10/2012

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  1. LAW Profile (Ed)
    1. IICC/IHE Europe press release link here
    2. External Validation Service Testing
      1. Discussion on profile issues that have been brought up
      2. Will wait to make any changes until discuss with HL7 Orders and Observations Work Group
    3. Support for Multiple Parents in OBR-29
      1. Determined to be out of scope for v2.7.1
      2. Submit as 2.9 change request which can be pre-adopted
    4. Francois made further changes to the change request
      1. This can be review through FTP site
  2. S&I Framework link here
    1. Laboratory Orders Interface charter is available review/consensus
    2. Laboratory Results Interface similar to IHE profile but possibly more US specific
    3. Mary will keep the group updated on other items relating to this

Next call

2012-04-24 0900 Eastern U.S.

Action items:

  • Sondra Renly: post the press release on the Google Group
  • Ed Heierman: add PID-3 field to current list of issues with LAW profile that needs to be clarified
  • Ed Heierman: check with HL7 Orders and Observations Work Group regarding PID-3 field
  • Sondra Renly: put Francois’ profile changes on the FTP site