IHE Lab Meeting Minutes 03/27/2012

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  1. Face to Face Meeting
    1. May 29-31 Meeting in Paris-we will meet with IHE AP for ½ of last day
      1. There are many over lapping projects such as structured reports
      2. Dial in number will be provided for meeting so remote participation will be possible
  2. LAW Profile
    1. Published about 2 weeks ago
    2. IICC-IHE sent out press release announcing the profile and profile testing at the Connectathon
    3. Questions on Change Proposal
      1. These items were discussed and resolved
      2. Any other changes will be added to the change proposal which will be ready before the Connectathon and it will be distributed to participants
    4. CLSI
      1. CLSI Project with LAW Profile as the standard
      2. Timeline for LAW Profile to be published as final text is tentatively July 2013
  3. LCC Profile
    1. Hoped to work on both transactions simultaneously but cannot
    2. Order modification transaction will be the first one
    3. A presentation will be given at the face-to-face in Paris
  4. Harry Solomon
    1. DICOM WG 26 would like to work with IHE AP and IHE Lab since there is good integration of workflow with some profiles
    2. They will work on flow cytometry and other lab results
    3. White paper will be passed around

Next call

  • 2012-04-10 0900 Eastern U.S.

Action items:

  • Ed Heierman will capture all changes discussed to the LAW Profile and document them on the wiki. He will also update the LAW profile.