IHE Lab Meeting Minutes 03/08/2011

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  • Sondra Renly (IBM, IHE Technical Committee Co-chair)
  • Francois Macary (ASIP Sante, IHE Planning Committee Co-chair)
  • Andrea Pitkus (CAP, IHE Laboratory Secretary)
  • Ed Heierman (Abbott)
  • James Harrison,MD,PhD. (CAP, University of Virginia)
  • Andrzej Knafel (Roche)
  • Jean Benech (bioMerieux)
  • Daniel Moncusi (Systelab Technologies)
  • J Tresserres (Systelab Technologies)
  • Eric Poiseau (INRIA, IHE Europe)


1. Review CP feedback, Action Items from closed public comment period

  • Comments were provided with the ballot votes. Review of comments and voters in spreadsheet shown.
  • CP 150 Feedback : Spelling corrections
  • CP 158 Feedback: Adding repeatable equipment identifier. Unclear if the request to be withdrawn still stands. The language and content will be kept. Proposal to change RE to O too. This change will be made.
  • CP 166 Additions: Laboratory observation templates are incorrect with some of the examples related to CDA lab report in Volume 3.
  • Sondra will move change proposals on the FTP server to the final text folder on the server. The links will be updated with this change. IHE has been notified so it can be posted to the Technical Framework updates website. Good voting. Votes received from all eligible members except one.
  • Increased interest in IHE Lab and HL7 O&O evident with the cross posting of recent LOINC discussion comments. New subscribers seen each week. There is also is also a discussion in the CAP Standards and External Affairs workgroup. Jim Harrison will communicate and be the conduit between IHE Lab and CAP.

2. LAW Profile updates

  • http://wiki.ihe.net/index.php?title=Laboratory_Analytical_Workflow
  • Ed added info on the wiki on the analyzer work order ID and transfer of work order steps.
  • Section 7.4: Assumptions. Review of the assumptions on the wiki. Identifiers may be barcodes or other types of information.
    • Can there be many results on the same AWOS? Maybe the first result has already been sent to the AM and then user decides to rerun the test. What will be the results? There may be a second message carrying the results from the second run with the properties of the run.
    • Manual entries may not be linked to the AWOS, while other analyzers may link the manual order to a previous AWOS ID. However, this will vary with the software. If only one message will be sent, this can be handled easily. With several results, the analyzer will need to support several messages. Determination needs to be made as to which result is the proper one to result back.
    • Next bullet is reflex testing. Antiobiograms sounds like a child AWOS, but it may not have an AWOS ID. CBC with additional blood count (retics), there will be a single AWOS ordering a CBC on the hematology analyzer. An additional result is returned with the expected results.
    • Ed will consolidate the AWOS ID wiki entry to cover the expected scenarios and behavior based on the discussions.
    • Could everyone also comment on the Impacts of the AM Assigned AWOS ID, especially from the LIS/Middleware vendors. Also please review section 7.5.
  • There are some working on Volume 2 and need to work on it in parallel. There is a June deadline. Consider discussing about this during the calls too.

3. LOINC project with IICC.

  • Using LOINC codes for instrument based tests. Rob Bush will propose and working with the vendors. The vendors could provide tests and maps to LOINC would be derived to see how much commonality there would be across the codes

4. Next F2F

  • Where? Tokyo or nearby
  • When? July 11-13? Will all the contributors to the LAW profile be able to go to Japan. We should push this to the google group to get feedback and so folks can check with their companies on attending. It would be good to get feedback from the Japanese vendors at this stage. This would also be after the public comment period to push us forward for the North American Connectathon.
  • July 13-15 is international modern hospital show 2011 (Japanese HIMSS in Tokyo)

5. Progress Report on LAW Profile- Reviewed schedule through June

Next Call/Meeting

Next regularly scheduled IHE lab call will be held on Tuesday, March 22, 2011 from 8:00-9:00 AM (Eastern Time, NYC)