IHE Lab Meeting Minutes 02/28/2012

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  1. LAW Profile(Ed)
    1. Status of Connectathon Test Case Review
      1. Andrzej Knafel & Jeff Hoffman completing the review
      2. Test cases are very mature
    2. Selecting LOINC Codes for Connectathon Testing
      1. Use subset of Beckman-Coulter codes obtained by Rob Bush as a starting point
        1. Additional codes will be added as necessary
      2. Ed will send the codes to the Connectathon team
    3. Provide Sample Messages for the Connectathon Simulator
      1. Abbott development team will provide samples for review
      2. Other vendors can provide sample messages as well
      3. Need sample message for each transaction by the end of the week
    4. Draft for Trial Implementation Issues Documented on Wiki
      1. Draft For Trial Implementation Issues
        1. Sondra will follow up with Mary Jungers
        2. The updated draft is available on the FTP site and Francois will also post to the Connectathon Google Group
      2. Should any issues be addressed before the Connectathon
        1. Francois will make a first pass on the current issues and other can chime in
        2. Draft will be left as is until after Connectathon-change proposals can be written ahead of time and put on the Connectathon wiki page
  2. HL7 WGM Discussions on OBX-29
    1. HL7 OO WGM OBR-29 Discussion
    2. Linking results to parent results
    3. Request made by LAW messaging team representatives to HL7 OO, that the field be made repeatableto support multiple parents (reflex evaluation)
    4. Will be discussed during Thursday weekly teleconference
    5. Unclear on what IDs to use
    6. Link to reports http://wiki.siframework.org/Lab+Results+Interface+%28LRI%29+Initiativehttp://wiki.siframework.org/file/view/V251_IG_SIF_LABRESULTS_R1_N1_v15_Pilot_Use_Only.pdf
  3. Miscellaneous
    1. LAB domain board report available on ftp site and pushed today to the Domain Coordination Committee for review
  4. LCC Profile
    1. Use Cases
      1. Vetted in detail and the adjustments have been made to the profile
    2. Next Steps
      1. Look at data models and HL7 messaging
      2. HL7 Work Group gave recommendations on how to repurpose existing messages
      3. Currently, getting in contact with vendors and getting commitments to begin work

Next call

2012-03-27 0900 Eastern U.S.