IHE Lab Meeting Minutes 02/19/2013

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Attendees – No roll call was performed

Francois Macary

Mary Kennedy

Sondra Renly

Ed Heierman

Filip Migom

Eric Poiseau

Laurent Lardin

Dmytro Rud

Harry Solomon

Daniel Moncusi

Jim Sorace

Anna Orlova

Alessandro Sulis

Sarah Quaynor

Daniel Nebot, excused

Jim Harrison

Tuesday, February 19

  • CPs
  • CPs on LAB TF : Built by Francois, available shortly on http://wiki.ihe.net/index.php?title=Laboratory_Technical_Committee#Completed_CPs
    • One of these is a CP on ILW profile posted by Anatomic Pathology committee during meeting in Deerfield.
  • CP correcting typos on LAW: François & Ed. Available shortly same place.
  • Other CPs on LAW are being prepared by Ed and will be reviewed by Filip, François, Laurent.
    • Observations questions which were discussed on the Google Group will be included in 2 of these CPs.
    • No change request planned to HL7.
  • Sondra will register all the (wiki + ftp site)
  • Bulk Data Results
    • proposed by Harry Solomon
    • how to handle additional results (large) placed in external storage (refined at Deerfield meeting)
  • Minutes from F2F Meeting in Deerfield (finalizing)
    • Mary will complete and then they will be posted this week if possible
    • Francois will review final time before posted
  • Lab Board report
    • Francois is working on this
    • draft will be sent to the co-chairs and domain coordination committee before submitting it to the IHE Board
  • Next F2F Meeting
    • Japan will host this meeting
    • Potential dates-Oct 1-3; Oct 15-17
    • Need to find an alternate optional date in September but not in conflict with HL7 Meeting
    • Google poll will have people vote on the date that works best
  • Initiated discussion with CLSI
    • Possibly publishing LAW in their published standards
    • Consensus meeting in March or have a web meeting to discuss this
  • Vendors to test LAW
    • Ability to test from their own office(virtual) in Q2 or Q3
    • Invite LIS vendors but other vendors outside of the core group
    • LAW will be finalized and bigger testing engagement at Chicago Connectathon in 2014
  • IICC Executive Leadership Meeting
    • Give them update from Deerfield meeting
    • Need to discuss with IHE Services about virtual testing
  • Discussion on LIMS forum in LinkedIn on interface for new microbiology instrument
    • Filip recommended IHE LAW profile for this
    • Could get their opinion about this work on LAW
  • CDA Laboratory Reports
    • This was discussed at the F2F meeting
    • Ricky will send a set of annotated examples to the co-chairs
    • This will be discussed on the March 19 conf call
  • LCC Proposal
    • HL7 O&O Group agreed that the approach to the second transaction (results verification) should spawn a child order
    • Jim will put further update on the wiki page: http://wiki.ihe.net/index.php?title=LCC_Long_Proposal_-_wiki
  • New Conference Call Schedule
    • Group agreed that the new time worked better
    • Monthly conference call schedule will continue
    • March 19 at the same time

Action items:

  • poll F2F Dates for next meeting
  • post minutes of face to face meeting to the wiki