IHE Lab Meeting Minutes 01/31/2012

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LAW Profile Status (Ed)

  • All but two public comments (#9 and #14, see below) have been addressed.
  • LAW-06, LAW-09, LAW-10, LAW-11, LAW-12, LAW-14, LAW-16, LAW-19, LAW-20, LAW-25, and LAW-26 have been addressed.
  • Request Andrzej Knafel provide input on ORL^O34 Structure (Public Comment #14, Support Accept/Reject) and update of section R.5 (see comment in document).
  • Request Andrzej provide input and document updates for public comment 9 (same as LAW 17).
  • Request Sondra modify figures X.6.3-1, X.6.7-1, X.6.9-1. Comments included in document on updates needed.
  • Review the following LAW issues, establish priority, and assign owner if necessary:
    • LAW-13: Update Element Tables to be consistent across all Segments. The columns of the tables are not consistent across all of the segment elements
      • Sondra will create list of tables that need to be updated
    • LAW-28: Format the Supplement Based on the latest IHE templates
      • Not required so deferred
    • LAW-21: Provide Guidance on Supported Values for PID-10. Determine if a common set of values for race should be provided.
      • Imitate vocabulary from similar profile
      • Managing structure, not the vocabulary
    • LAW-24: Provide Additional Guidance on use of SPM-4. Identify what specimen types should be included in table 0487 and what components of the CWE data type should be supported.
      • Imitate vocabulary from similar profile
      • Managing structure, not the vocabulary
  • Summary of other items will be send to specific members to comment on and address.
    • LAW-15: Determine if GB18030-2005 needs to be supported as a character set due to Chinese regulations.
    • LAW-18: Guidance needs to be provided for using UCUM for the contents of OBX-6 and SAC-25. Additional information in section W.1A.4 could be beneficial.
    • LAW-22: Confirm Definition of SID-1.1 is acceptable. SID-1.1 is further decomposed into additional subcomponents so that it contains information similar to INV-1 and INV-3. Need to confirm this is acceptable as it extends the HL7 2.5.1 standard.
    • LAW-23: Confirm sub-component usage of SPM-2, SPM-3. Determine what subcomponents of the EIP data type should be supported. Currently, only SPM-2.1.1 and SPM-3.1.1 are specified to be populated.
    • LAW-27: Confirm W.1A.1, SPM-2, SPM-3, SAC-3, SAC-4 meet intent of CP 171. Confirm that the message details, field definition, and field usage content related to container/specimen identification are consistent with CP 171
  • Sample use cases will be available for review next week
    • Only worked on internally—not posted to Google group
Action Items:
  1. Sondra will go through the profile and make a list of tables that need to be updated so all tables are formatted the same.
  2. Ed will summarize further issues to be resolved and follow up with Francois.
  3. Andrea will make changes to the profile, send to Sondra. Sondra will make changes, send to Ed.

LCC Profile Update (Jim)

  1. See meeting minutes from 2012/01/27 call
  2. The group will work through the Google group and IHE calls

Next Call:

The next call for this group will be on February 14 at 0900 Eastern US