IHE Lab Meeting Minutes 01/17/2012

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  1. Announcements
    1. LBL Supplement has been published. Congratulations to Francesca and Alessandro!
    2. EU Connectathon registration has been extended by one week
    3. Next Face to Face will be on May 29-31 in Paris (ASIP Sante’ Building)
      1. Major topics of work expected are: LCC future profile, preparation of LAB TF 4.0, feedbacks from European connectathon on the LAB profiles tested (potential CPs).
  2. Volunteers needed
    1. Anyone interested in helping with ITI Device Management white paper or ITI Critical Results white paper, contact Sondra
  3. Laboratory Analytical Workflow (LAW) Profile Public Comment Discussion
    1. The public comment period ended January 5
    2. Currently, outstanding issues are being worked on. Then the team will resolve issues relating to public comments.
    3. The link to the public comment spreadsheet will be sent to the Google group (also, see link below)
    4. A complement to this new profile is the selection of an appropriate subset of LOINC terminology for IVD devices.
    5. There are currently 4 vendors registered to the EU connectathon for this profile. Only one “Analyzer” system so far. Rob Bush is working with IICC supporting members to create mappings for their instruments. Currently, Abbott is interested in defining a mapping. Rob will compile these lists and work with Regenstrief to determine the best way to make these available to LIS and middleware vendors. The goal would be for all instruments participating in the EU Connectathon to use LOINC codes.
      1. Eric Poiseau confirms this won’t be a barrier for the success of the participant vendors
      2. The rule of “successful test with 3 peer vendors” being adapted to the situation in order not to penalize early adopters of a new profile
      3. Eric Poiseau confirms that even after the Connectathon deadline he will manage to accept registration from interested vendors
  4. LCC Profile
    1. Kickoff meeting will be week of January 23
    2. Nineteen people (pathologists and vendors) will work on LCC
    3. February 24-25 is the deadline date to have the concept work done
    4. Further announcements will be made to the Google group, with links pointing to the draft material put by the cochairs on the ftp site.
    5. Last week, François had a meeting with Paris university hospitals (AP-HP) who raised great interest for this future profile, as well as the two IT vendors providing the LIS and EMR solutions to these 38 hospitals, namely Agfa Healthcare and MIPS
      1. Representatives from these new stakeholders for LCC will follow up on the GoogleGroup and will attend the face to face meeting in Paris
      2. Filip Migom from MIPS has already provided input for the use cases
  5. PCD Rosetta Terminology Mapping Discussion
    1. Information will be updated to the FTP site and send to the Google group (also, see link below)
    2. This program may have some overlap with lab devices

(LAB) Technical Framework Supplement Public Comment Form.xls Link here

Terminology Mapping/ Link here

Next Call/Meeting:

Next regularly scheduled IHE lab call will be held on Tuesday, January 31, 2012 from 9:00-10:00 AM (Eastern Time, NYC)