IHE Lab Meeting Minutes 01/15/2013

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Attendees – No roll call was performed

Filip Migom

Eric Poiseau

Francois Macary

Jim Harrison



Mary Kennedy


Ed Heierman


Sondra R Renly, IBM (USA) – Organizer of the meeting

Tuesday January 15th


Sondra Rely welcomes everyone. A request for a discussion of LOINC was requested and an update on registration for Istanbul EU Connectathon.

Topic 1 – Virtual Testing

Ed requested that a PowerPoint on the background on the approach for testing within IITC be placed on the Google group or post on the wiki. Background – what leads us to not only do Connectathon but have testing in between so that if an organization has started development with the LAW profile then they would have some tools available even between Connectathons in order to do some substantial testing with the profile. We also had trouble getting a large number of participants for the upcoming Connectathon so it was decided to wait and target the North America 2014 Connectathon. This would also allow us another year to work with Eric’s group to enhancing the simulation tools to cover some scenarios that might not typically be covered through Connectathon. Some significant time will be spent at the committee meeting talking about the specific tests we would like to perform. Eric stressed it was important to do internet testing.

IT USA decided last fall to add a specification program during the NA Connectathon – they offer it as a pilot with ICC Lab being the accredited body to perform the testing. It is not known who will be registering for certification and there will probably be 6-8 vendors doing certification. We are recommending only testing profiles in final text. Not known what specifically will come out of this certification process. A strategy is in place and we will wait to see what happens at the NA Connectathon and follow-up then to see if they plan on continuing at future Connectathons.

We will be prepared to discuss LAW virtual testing strategy with Nguyal at the upcoming IHC committee meeting. Please add to the minutes the link to the PowerPoint document.

Topic 2 – LCC

CAP has been active in talking with vendors and we should have a conference with Epic within the next two weeks before the February IHE meeting. The wiki is updated and shows the current status of the project which will be discussed with Epic. A recap of the discussion with Epic will be shared at the Chicago meeting. Epic meeting is being coordinated by Mark Whitsitt, CAP. Remaining issues that need to be resolved will be set-up as discussion points at the meeting for feedback. Question was asked about status with Cerner and it was reported that they have not been responsive over the last several weeks.

Topic 3 – LOINC

Filip requested to meet the people of registry working on LOINC due to the concern of individuals not understanding what LOINC is and that people are creating their own tables based on what is LOINC. Initiatives are mainly based in the USA, understood in Europe but not in Japan where they have their own coding system. A concerted effort must be made in imposing LOINC as the first and only code to be used worldwide. It was suggested that CAP has a good relationship with LOINC and perhaps they could coordinate a meeting or we might be able to go through Rob Bush to visit LOINC at their headquarters in Indiana. Mary Kennedy confirmed CAP could send an invitation to LOINC. It was requested that Rob Bush be copied on correspondence to LOINC. A query will be sent to attendees in regards to their attendance.

Topic 4 – EU Registration

Registration is closing tonight but the deadline is typically extended a few days.

94 Systems registered – less than last year – breakdown by Domain: 66 IT Infrastructure, 58 Radiology, 14 Cardiology, 10 Laboratory, 6 Patient Care Coordination and 5 Pharmacy. Compared to last year we are missing LAW but will be able to test XD lab.

Topic 5 – Face-to-Face

The draft agenda was reviewed and it will be modified if LOINC can attend the meeting. Comments should be made on the Google group. A call-in number was discussed and determined not to be needed at this time but can be arranged if needed. Affirmative replies were reviewed. Mary Kennedy will send a reminder this week and an email will be sent to the Japanese co-chair s well as to Epic and Serner.