IHE Lab Domain Minutes 02/08/2011

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  • Sondra Renly (IBM, IHE Technical Committee Co-chair)
  • Francois Macary (ASIP Sante, IHE Planning Committee Co-chair)
  • Andrea Pitkus (CAP, IHE Laboratory Secretary)
  • Ed Heierman (Abbott)
  • James Harrison,MD,PhD. (CAP, University of Virginia)
  • Andrzej Knafel (Roche)
  • Jean Benech (bioMerieux)
  • Daniel Moncusi (Systelab Technologies )


1. CP Ballot Update

  • Balloting will occur on the Google Group to vote.
  • Francois comments will be included. We need 50% of voting members to vote before the end of Feb. Please send out reminder emails over the next few weeks.
  • Any questions on the CPs, the process, etc? We’ll have a call during the first week of March to review the comments.

2. Andrzej update on LAW HL7 version recommendation

  • In the segment and segment fields, the document lists them as HL7 2.7 and 2.5.1. No 2.8? Not right now, but we can provide comments for this version. Focus on what our starting point would be.
  • Change requests will be addressed by HL7 at their May 2011 meeting. Will the use cases be well enough defined by then to identify all the gaps? Yes. The use cases are fairly comprehensive.

3. LAW Volume I Technical Discussion

  • Ed shared his comments via a google groups email response.
  • X.2.1.c should specimen arrived notification be included?
  • X.2.1: Unavailable AWOS identifier. If there is no information on a specimen, would this better fit in another use case? There are reflex test and manual entry use cases. Should this be moved under those use cases? Yes.
  • X.2.1.a: AWOS downloaded. Propose to remove PT or QC since they have been consolidated. Analyzer to inform which work order steps it can perform. It might be good to summarize transactions so they aren’t lost.
  • Need to add that AM sends cancel to other analyzers once test received in final report. Specimen received should trigger the cancel on the other analyzers. Specimen arrival carries more info than just specimen arrived. It’s better to wait for a result before canceling.
  • Broadcast mode permits updates and canceling a test. Once an analyzer starts testing, it won’t cancel the test. The Analyzer Manager may send the message, but the analyzer needs to confirm if it will cancel or not.
  • Shall we schedule a meeting for this review of comments. We can continue during the next call. Shall we have a 2 hour meeting? See meeting information below.
  • Pooling of Patient Specimens
  • LAW Comments are incomplete, missing some of Francois’ comments. They will be included in the document by the end of today.

Next Call/Meeting

Next regularly scheduled IHE lab call will be held on Tuesday, February 22, 2011 from 8:00-9:00 AM (Eastern Time, NYC)