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The IHE FHIR Work Group is responsible for identifying and solving process issues related to the development, adoption and publication of IHE profiles based on the HL7 FHIR standard and associated FHIR implementation guides. It reports to the Domain Coordination Committee and through that committee to the IHE International Board. Membership is composed of members of IHE domain committees, designated by their respective domain committee co-chairs. Activities of the work group include:

  • Sharing knowledge of FHIR’s role and presence in various IHE Domains
  • Developing a process for creating, publishing, and maintaining IHE profiles based on HL7 FHIR, implementation guides, and associated content
  • Within IHE’s current development and publication process
  • Utilizing FHIR-based tools such as Forge, Simplifier.net and the FHIR Implementation Registry
  • Creating a plan for communicating and coordinating changes to IHE profiles based on HL7 FHIR and integrating changes into testing events
  • Developing an overall strategy towards embracing FHIR
  • Providing advisory direction and updates to the Domain Coordination Committee and the IHE International Board.
  • Providing guidance to Testing and Tools Committee and Conformity Assessment Committee on testing requirements and tooling for conformance for future FHIR specifications to be covered.

Current Work

List of IHE FHIR Profiles

For a list of IHE's FHIR© Profiles, also see the HL7© FHIR Profiles from other Organizations page

Teleconferences and Meetings

Regular teleconferences are held the second and fourth Friday of each month. Webex information can be found at ihe.webex.com.

Date Agenda Minutes
2018-07-27 Agenda Minutes
2018-07-13 Agenda Minutes
2018-06-08 Agenda Minutes
2018-05-25 Agenda Minutes
2018-04-27 Agenda Minutes
2018-04-13 Agenda Minutes
2018-03-23 Agenda Minutes
2018-02-26 Agenda Minutes
2018-01-22 Agenda Minutes
2018-01-08 Agenda Minutes
2017-12-11 Agenda Minutes
2017-11-13 Agenda Minutes
2017-10-23 Agenda Minutes
2017-10-09 Agenda Minutes
2017-09-25 Agenda Minutes
2017-08-28 Agenda Minutes
2017-08-14 Agenda Minutes
2017-07-10 Agenda Minutes
2017-06-12 Agenda Minutes
2017-05-15 Agenda Minutes
2017-04-10 Agenda Minutes

Working Documents


Email Distribution List

IHE FHIR Work Group (Google)

Helpful Resources

ClinFHIR Tool by David Hay. See here for a demo of ClinFHIR Tool