IHE Domain Coordination Committee Teleconference Minutes 2016-03-22

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  • Antje Schroeder
  • Art Amano
  • Gila Pyke
  • Nancy Ramirez
  • Tone Southerland
  • Chris Lindop
  • Mary Jungers
  • Riki Merrick
  • Laura Bright
  • Monroe Pattillo
  • Kevin O'Donnell
  • Mauro Zanardini
  • Crystal Carter
  • Jose Costa Teixeira
  • Michael Tan
  • Amit Popat
  • Jamie Kontos

Quorum attained

General Committee Business

1. Roll Call see Roster

2. Approval of Minutes

  • Motion: Approve minutes as posted. Carried.

Domain Announcements

1. Domain Milestone Dates

  • RO, EYE CARE, ITI documents ready to be published. Mary to manage technical updates.

2. Domain Board Reports

  • DCC Recommendation to IHE Surgery:
  • In order to move to active status the domain needs to publish and maintain its full roster and timeline of events. This information is needed before DCC can approve report for presentation to IHE Intl Board.
  • Review and approve the Surgery Report
  • Deferred pending recommended modifications
  • Action Item: Board Secretary to contact Surgery Secretary to request modifications

3. QRPH, ITI, PCC, Pharmacy Face to Face Meeting Updates

  • Pharmacy/ITI - discussing developing a standard template to make profiles based on the FHIR standard
  • Updating supplement templates and will work with documentation work group
  • Tone and Laura working on handling all non-CDA data types

Domain Coordination Issues

  • None to report

Documentation, Websites and Public Information

  • PHARM is refreshing the templates to use the FHIR standard in the documentation work group
  • Moving forward with supplement template - adding data types to templates
  • Glossary completed waiting for review
  • Subgroup forming to talk about new tools to use to create documents
  • Develop a proposal with list of tools
  • Significant progress made on developing a watermark and title page for deprecated documents - to be piloted next week
  • Subgroup forming to discuss tool usage to create the documents - first work item is to come up with proposal of requirements for publication tools
  • Have not moved forward with developing a process for collecting name spaces
  • Incorporating process into new templates
  • Collecting legacy name spaces
  • Action: Schedule a call to begin production of this process. Participants: Mary Jungers, Rob Horn, Kevin O'Donnell, Lisa Nelson
  • Need help reviewing Appendices
  • Integration statements
  • Transaction descriptions
  • Content module descriptions
  • Name/Space Management
  • 1. Forming a process for collecting and maintaining name spaces moving forward.
  • 2. Collecting legacy data. Will move forward while working on this part.

Governance Implementation

New Business

  • How to connect IHE International to regional deployments so we can better understand which profiles are in use, which can be deprecated, and how to organize the IHE "architecture". (Action from the Joint ITI, PCC, QRPH and Pharmacy f2f Mtgs)
    • How to measure maturity of a profile
    • Annual domain reports provide new profiles in development, but does not capture holistic data
    • Immediate ideas: Googlegroups for implementers of each profile like we have for XDS and HPD
    • Most implementers do not participate in Connectathon due to cost, time or lack of resources
    • Are implementers using tools to gather specs? Can we eliminate the human factor? Have the software send a notification when it installs?
      • NIST tools are freely available - Google group is a feature of the tool where users can ask questions
    • Use RSNA, HIMSS, IHE.net, etc. to gather input from vendors/implementers
    • Possible IHE "registration" automation site to allow vendors to indicate which profiles they are using
    • incorporate a poll at Connectathon - where are they deploying IHE solutions?
  • Especially prominent in QRPH - there are no vendors in low-income deployments. Those have never been tested at Connectathons because they are spending money they have to implement rather than test
    • We have no way of knowing, in smaller countries, if the profiles are being used and not tested in Connectathons
  • What metrics can we use to see who is downloading the profiles? Can we get a number of downloads? (e.g. Where in the world is XDS and CDA?)
    • Should we include a link in the profile for the adopts to register?
  • Next steps:
  • Define the problem statement, find the author to draft what solving this problem would look like and what resources would be needed to solve it. Have author draft a document to bring back to the DCC providing an approach and next steps.

  • Educational Workshop about Workflows and IHE profiles - Amit
    • Go beyond profiles - think about real-world workflows and solutions. Develop Webinar/learning session that allows 1) more understanding of what the problems are and how to use current profiles to solve and 2) given underlying foundational profiles that allow for workflows - how do we write the content or develop extensions to solve problems not already defined by current profiles
    • There is a call scheduled for April 5 at 3pm CT to discuss further logistics and details of content - looking at 2 half-day webinar learnings.
    • What is the scope?
    • Propose adding this to the Educational Webinar series below.

  • IHE International 2016 Educational Series
    • Goal: Highlight what's new or important in IHE Domains before IHE North American Connectathon registration opens. Attendees will receive a high level overview of new profiles and use cases domains will address in their work cycle and in Connectathon testing. Can also highlight user success stories.
    • Webinar Presentations: June 1-August 26
      • May 1: Deadline for DCC Planning Committee and Domain Secretariats to submit logistics form.

Next steps and New Actions Items

  • Next teleconference: April 26, 2016

Domain Coordination Committee