IHE Domain Coordination Committee Teleconference Minutes 2015-10-27

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  • Antje Schroeder (RAD, CARD)
  • Chris Lindop (RAD)
  • Crystal Carter (RO)
  • Daniel Berezeanu (ITI)
  • Denise Downing (PCC)
  • Flora Lum (EYECARE)
  • Gila Pyke (ITI)
  • John Donnelly (PCC)
  • Karen Witting (ITI)
  • Laura Bright (QRPH)
  • Mary Jungers (Document Specialist)
  • Mauro Zanardini (ITI)
  • Mike Bohl (RAD)
  • Monroe Pattillo (PCD)
  • Nick Gawrit (CARD)
  • Paul Sherman (PCC)
  • Riki Merrick (LAB)
  • Susan Whitt (DENTAL)
  • Tom Kowalczyk (PCD)
  • Tone Southerland (PCC)
  • Non-voting - Chris Carr, Jamie Kontos, Nichole Drye-Mayo, Nancy Ramirez

General Committee Business

1. Roll Call see Roster

2. Approval of Minutes

  • Review for approval:
  • Motion: Approve minutes as published. Carried with 4 abstentions.

3. New Business: from Future Agenda Topics Page

    • Action: RSNA staff clean up list.

4. Review Action Items List

Domain Announcements

1. Domain Milestone Dates

  • RAD
  • Two profiles moved toward detailed development with one dedicated to maintenance
  • IHE Rad TF Maintenance
  • Cross-Enterprise Reporting for Imaging
  • REM for Radiopharmaceutical Imaging
  • One proposal for barcode scanning submitted - not approved by ITI or PCC because it needed more domain use case development
  • may be more appropriate for PCD or Pharmacy
  • PCD briefly discussed this proposal and will make a final decision in early December
  • Need to coordinate discussion as there are conversations between PHARM-ITI and PHARM-PCD in parallel to each other

2. Domain Board Reports

  • PCC had minor uptake of the RECON profile at the 2015 North America Connectathon, which is believed to be a direct result of two things:
  • PCC committee efforts to refactor RECON to be more inline with the US ONC Meaningful Use program
  • Marketing efforts by the PCC sponsor to promote implementation of this profile
  • Many activities occurring, but nothing new to report to date
  • Published 4 profiles, one national extension (DAF)
  • Added FHIR to RECON
  • GAO joint effort with PCC
  • One of PCC sponsor (HIMSS) is working on how to serve as a liaison for marketing needs in an effort to align with ISO standards
  • The commencement of the HL7 HSI WG and its associated Issues Tracker worksheet (regularly shared with the IHE DCC) has highlighted the increased collaboration of IHE profile development and HL7 projects (identified by their PSS #). This applies to both new PCC profiles, e.g. GAO, and updates to previous ones such as RECON. It will be increasingly important for the PCC domain to consider these parallel initiatives by HL7 (and other organizations involved with standards development and/or guidance in the healthcare industry) as it prioritizes and publishes its work.
  • Action: John D. to share calendar invite with DCC for work group effort
  • Motion: Approve report for presentation to IHE Board. Carried unanimously.
  • Many new profiles this past cycle
  • Mobile Health is key trend including adoption of FHIR
  • Trying to focus more on maintenance this cycle
  • Extensive list of implementation projects. Consider moving out of reports and into central area with more detail on projects.
  • Motion: Approved report for presentation to IHE Board. Carried unanimously.

Domain Coordination Issues

  • Review the current listing of IHE Profiles implemented and in use in major US initiatives
  • May have tendency to become busy and difficult to maintain track
  • Connect to map display like Keith Boone's "Where in the World is XDS" map
  • Appropriate to organize by profile
  • Need way of applying filters
  • Need ability to provide other graphical representations
  • Need Web interface to update entries
  • Consider moving towards a true database with tools to get detailed, filtered reports
  • Action: Chris Carr to incorporate ITI information into table (Action Item #270)

Documentation, Websites and Public Information

  • Proposal to reconvene Documentation Work Group
  • Laura Bright, Chris Lindop interested to join
  • Action: Send out formal call for participation to DCC and begin scheduling regular conference calls
  • Brief Profile Proposal Template
  • Adding a "Known patents or IP issues" section
  • Process for updating Profiles wiki page
  • Request for inventory of Snomed codes used in profiles
  • New tools and methods for creating technical documentation

Governance Implementation

  • Membership Update
  • Renewed member list
  • Startup companies initially had issues with cost due to lack of information
  • Once received knowledge of tiered membership model, companies seemed to be agreeable to costs
  • Committee participation
    • Observers and chair approval
    • Observers submitting proposals
    • Observer Form, Observer policy language and timelines for observers to participate
      • Action: Chris will draft updated language around the observer status.
  • Implementation of IHE-HL7 Collaborative Work Group

New Business

  • IHE USA Case Study Survey - Celina (ran out of time to discuss)
  • LAB/ANPATH merger - Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (PaLM) - Riki Merrick
  • Seeking approval by IHE Board to move forward with merger - documentation provided
  • Pending approval - New domain will begin its cycle in January 2016
  • Action: Distribute merger documents to DCC for email review and feedback and specifically request any objections

Next steps and New Actions Items

  • November DCC Tcon: November 17, 9am-10:30am CT (due to US holiday the next week)
  • December DCC Tcon: December 15, 9am-10:30am CT (due to holiday the next week)

Domain Coordination Committee