IHE Domain Coordination Committee 2008-10-21 Teleconference Minutes

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  • John Donnelly
  • Karen Witting
  • Tone Southerland
  • Kevin O'Donnell
  • Francois Macary
  • Flora Lum
  • Steve Moore
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo
  • Joan McMillen
  • Chris Carr


General Committee Business

1. Roll Call

2. Approval of Minutes

3. Schedule Future Agenda Topics for upcoming meetings

4. Review previous action items

Domain Coordination Checkpoint Announcements

  • Review process for profiles going to Final Text
  • Action Item: Planning Committee Co-chairs to provide links to minutes documents where evaluation of profiles to be incorporated in Final Text Versions takes place

Domain Coordination Issues

1. Domain Timeline Coordination

2. Review of definitions of R2 and RE (see discussion in 2008-08-18 minutes)

  • Include: Rob Horn, Frank Oemig, John Moehrke
  • Action Item: Chris Carr will set up teleconference to review Rob Horn's document

3. HL7 Task Force Update

  • Action Item: Chris Carr will get status update from Vassil and Yongjian

4. Proposal to Change Publication Schedule for Technical Committees

  • Steve Moore proposes putting a hard stop on development of new profiles and processing (including approval) of CPs to existing profiles at the end of scheduled face-to-face meeting
  • New profiles left incomplete would not be included in next testing cycle
  • CP voting is sometimes done via email and requires several weeks: perhaps could be cut down to two weeks if its timing
  • Reissued profiles with CPs left incomplete could be tested in their old form or CP documentation referenced to potential testing participants
  • Action Item: Chris and Didi to send message to delinquent CP authors to encourage them to deliver
  • Action Item: Set deadline for all CPs to be processed by August (along with publication of new profiles)
  • Action Item: Need defined set of policies for timely production of profiles and processing of CPs and consequences of failure to meet deadlines; Should be incorporated in Domain Milestones page

Documentation, Websites and Public Information

1. Domain and Profile Descriptions

    • Part 2 of TR28380 has been approved by ISO TC215.
    • Descriptive references for FT & TI profiles must be on www.IHE.net in the next two weeks.
    • Action: Planning Committee co-chairs, please check the following:
      • Check IHE profiles (TI and Final Text) at: Profiles are correct and up to date.
        • Verify each detailed Profile Description page referenced for accuracy.
      • Check Domain Description and Scope linked from http://www.ihe.net/Domains/index.cfm
        • NOTE: THOSE descriptions are really weak and inconsistent.
    • Action: Secretariat, check the following:
      • listing of profiles (TI and FT) at: http://www.ihe.net/Profiles match the wiki.
      • listing of profiles under IHE Domains at: http://www.ihe.net/Domains/index.cfm match the wiki.
        • Verify that each detailed Profile Description page referenced is that available from the Wiki (see above).
        • Each Domain name is a link to the description of the domain and of its scope
        • Action Item: Chris Carr will paste current descriptions into a document and ask Planning Committee Co-chairs and secretaries to update
    • Action Item: Charles Parisot will produce a one-page description of each Domain and more importantly of its scope for the ISO TR28380. This will be the place where the IHE.net web site will be referenced with your specific profiles descriptions.
    • Action Item: Chris Carr will send targeted message to authors to complete and review work
    • Action Item: Chris Carr will update profiles on Wiki page at http://www.ihe.net/Profiles/

2. Recruitment Brochure message for clinicians to participate in Domain Committees

  • Include text about what committees are looking for (clinicians don't have to be technical experts--define business process for integrating clinical data)

Governance Implementation

1. ITI notes on implementing governance in domain committees [deferred to 2008-10-28 tcon]

2. Roadmap Development [deferred to 2008-10-28 tcon]

Next Tcon

  • October 28, 10:00am - 11:30am CDT
  • Agenda Items:

Domain Coordination Committee