IHE Domain Coordination Committee 2008-03-18 Teleconference Minutes

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  • Bruce Curran, RO Technical
  • Todd Cooper, Patient Care Devices Technical
  • Philip Devlin, MD, RO Planning
  • John Donnelly, Patient Care Coordination Planning
  • Colin Field, RO Planning
  • Ken Fuchs, Patient Care Devices Planning
  • Richard Kasama, PhD, Patient Care Coordination Planning
  • Cindy Levy, Radiology Technical
  • Manuel Metz, IT Infrastructure Technical
  • Steve Moore, MIR, Technical Project Manager
  • Michael Nusbaum, IT Infrastructure Planning
  • Kevin O'Donnell, Radiology Planning
  • Mike Schmidt, Eyecare Planning
  • Karen Witting, IT Infrastructure Technical
  • Gail Arnett, HIMSS
  • Chris Carr, RSNA
  • Didi Davis, HIMSS
  • Joan McMillen, RSNA
  • LaVerne Palmer, HIMSS
  • Nichole Drye-Mayo, RSNA


General Committee Business

1. Roll Call: Quorum achieved (9/11 Domain Cmtes with voting privileges)

2. Approval of March 4 Minutes: Unanimously approved

3. New Business/Agenda Items: see Future Agenda Topics Page

Domain Coordination Issues

1. Radiology:

a. Radiation Exposure Monitoring out for Public Comment: would like review by Cardiology, QPHR and RO

  • Cardiology has responded and initiated discussions in DICOM
  • RO will review and comment
  • Action: Follow up with Floyd Eisenberg and members of QPHR
  • Action: Chris Carr to get radiologist input

b. Mammography Acquisition Workflow (including coded value sets for protocol code) profile out for Public Comment: would like review by ITI in context of SVS profile

  • Karen Witting has assigned to Ana Esterlich, author of SVS, for review

c. Reuse of optional SWF transactions added by other domains (Cardio and Eye Care)

  • Cindy and Chris Carr will notify Eye Care and Cardio if discussion is required during face-to-face meeting

d. XDS-I and XDS.b

  • Radiology Planning Committee to review as potential work item

2. Eye Care:

a. Constraining pdf reports to pdf-a vs. ITI XDS Scanned Documents supplement

  • Mike Schmidt has submitted CP to request that XDS-SD specify pdf/A-1a (to ensure display compatibility): Rob Horn and Harry Solomon should be consulted based on previous experience

3. ITI:

a. Adding ITI-30 to the PIX profile; impact on other domains and CP at ftp://ftp.ihe.net/IT_Infrastructure/TF_Maintenance-2007-2008/CPs/Assigned/CP-ITI-211-01.doc

  • Karen Witting will consider comments from DCC on eliminating some of the optionalities to be included in the CP
  • Action: Chris Carr to organize DCC tcon on issue of HL7 versioning

b. Asynchrounous versions of XDS.b transactions

c. Review of updated security cookbook by all domains: NEMA security ballot relevant?

4. Tracking Site for Domain Coordination Issues: Project Page for Committee on Eric's FlySpray Site

  • Action: Chris Carr will draft a page describing the type of issues to be tracked on defect tracking site
  • Action: Chris Carr will send instructions on registering at site

Documentation, Websites and Public Information

1. June Webinars: Initial Planning and Assignments

a. 2007 Workshop Program

  • Main target audience and message: Company Product Managers; how and why to sign up for Connectathon and how to prepare for testing
  • In addition to domain focus, need way of grouping profiles across domains for discussion
  • Use product categories as organizing principle
  • Steve Moore and Lynn Felhofer already planning series of Webinars on Connectathon process and requirements
  • Task Force to Develop Outline of Webinar Course Topics: Mike Schmidt, Mike Nusbaum, John Donnelly, Didi Davis, Chris Lindop
  • Action: Teleconference to draft outline of course topics: Thursday, March 20, 10-11am CDT

2. Profile Descriptions for ISO:

a. Update on Authoring: Deferred to April 1 Tcon

b. Due date: April 18

3. Profile Category Definitions a. Develop page with definitions of standard categories of profiles (eg, Content, Infrastructure, Presentation, Workflow)

  • Chris Carr, John Donnelly and Kevin O'Donnell assigned to task force to develop draft

Governance Implementation

1. Domain Board Representative Elections

a. Status Update: Concern about definition of process. Most Domains agree that all committee members with voting rights should be allowed to vote for Board Rep (one vote per member organization per Domain)

2. Committee Membership and Meeting Issues

Next Steps, Tcons

  • Next Tcon: Tuesday, April 1, 10am CDT

Minutes approved April 1, 2008.

Domain Coordination Committee