IHE Domain Coordination Committee 2008-02-05 Teleconference Minutes

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  • Keith Boone, PCC Tech
  • Chris Carr, RSNA
  • Micha Coleman, Card Plan, Tech
  • Todd Cooper, PCD Plan, Tech
  • Didi Davis, HIMSS
  • Floyd Eisenberg, Quality Tech
  • Colin Field, RO Plan
  • Larry McKnight, ITI Plan
  • Manuel Metz, ITI Tech
  • Steve Moore, MIR Technical Project Manager
  • Karen Witting, ITI Tech


Website and Public Information

  1. Reference documents required by ISO for IHE Technical Framework
    1. Two-line and one- to two-page descriptions of each integration profile
    2. Domain Web page for each Domain (www.ihe.net/domain_name/)
  • Refer to minutes from 1-22 tcon for details on content and pointers to templates and examples
  • Domain Coord Cmte will review progress on upcoming tcons
  • Action: Planning Committee Co-chairs to work with sponsors/secretariat to develop; final completion date April 18

Governance Implementation

  1. Board Elections
  2. Domain and Sponsor Applications
  • Sponsors have announced proposed schedule for elections to Interim Board and gone through two revisions; call scheduled for tomorrow to finalize scheduling details
  • Action: Didi Davis and Chris Carr will distribute details of election schedule and process to Board and Domain Coord Cmte
  • Action: Chris Carr to distribute request to domain sponsors to complete sponsor and domains applications for review by Board

Cross-domain Coordination Activities

  1. Cross-domain Profile Reviews
    1. Need to establish regular process and document in Technical Framework development section of Wiki
  2. Pathology Technical Framework to be published for Trial Implementation
    1. Example of document that will be published without prior cross-domain review
    2. Chris Carr will send notice to group when published for review
  3. Radiology Reuse of Optional Transactions Added to SWF by other Domains
    1. Defer to next call since no Radiology reps are present
  4. New Item: Create profile conflict/discrepancy list for review and resolution (eg by CP) during future Domain Coord Tcons
  • Action: Chris Carr will create Wiki page on Profile Coord issues for review by Committee

IHE Workshop 2008 Logistics

  1. Proposal to replace face-to-face workshop with series of Webinars
    1. General agreement that this is a good move for providing technical detail on profiles to testing companies
    2. Objection that new participants still need a face-to-face meeting to understand process: Set required meeting for new participants at time Connectathon applications are due (late Sept.)
    3. Scheduling a marketing event at time applications are issued (mid June) also seen as a positive idea
  2. Showcase meeting also to be reconsidered
    1. Possibly have brainstorming meeting around sign-up
    2. Later detailed meeting when demo scenarios are nearly complete
  • Action: Sponsors will develop a proposed outline for Webinars to review on Domain Coord Tcon in Mid-March

Upcoming Calls

  • Feb. 19, 10am CT

Domain Coordination Committee

Minutes Approved 2008-03-04