IHE Domain Coordination Committee 2008-01-22 Teleconference Minutes

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  • Chris Carr, RSNA
  • Micha Coleman, Card Plan, Tech
  • Todd Cooper, PCD Plan, Tech
  • Bruce Curran, PhD - RO Tech
  • Didi Davis, HIMSS
  • John Donnelly, PCC Plan
  • Colin Field, RO Plan
  • Richard Kasama, MD, PCC Plan
  • Chris Lindop, Rad Plan
  • Cindy Levy, Rad Tech
  • Nichole Mayo, RSNA
  • Joan McMillen, RSNA
  • Manuel Metz, ITI Tech
  • Steve Moore, MIR Technical Project Manager
  • Kevin O'Donnell, Rad Plan
  • LaVerne Palmer, HIMSS
  • Karen Witting, ITI Tech


Website and Public Information

  1. ISO Referencing Requirements for IHE Technical Frameworks
    1. ISO Domain Document for each Domain
      1. Simple one page summary to introduce and point to our work
      2. "10 lines" on scope/goal of domain
      3. "5-10 lines" listing Sponsor Organizations, Affiliate Organizations
      4.  ? Do they need Secretariat contact information ?
      5. Link to a stable domain Web page: www.ihe.net/domain_name/
      6. Develop for each domain; (can borrow material from each Domain Application)
      7. Review periodically (every few years)
      8. Submit to ISO for publication. (Word document submitted by Charles?)
    2. IHE Domain Webpage for each Domain (www.ihe.net/domain_name/)
      1. Radiology page as example: http://www.ihe.net/Radiology/
      2. "1-2 paragraphs" Brief overview of scope of domain, ie, what clinical/operational/technical infrastructure areas it addresses, types of systems that would typically implement such profiles
      3. List of published Profiles - Name, Acronym & One-line Description for each Profile
      4. Each Profile Name in the list is a link to a Profile Webpage.
      5. Keep the Domain Description short enough that the top of the Profile List is visible when you first go to the Domain Webpage.
      6. Feel free to group your profiles if you have a lot. Don't have to group. Group names are not Normative, just helpful.
      7. Develop Profile List on the Wiki for each Domain http://wiki.ihe.net/index.php?title=Profiles
      8. Each Domain Planning Committee responsible for maintaining the list on the Wiki
      9. Review/Update list every year (as new Profiles are added in Trial Implementation or Final Text)
      10. Sponsor responsible for establishing Domain Webpage and periodically migrating the Wiki list to the Web.
    3. IHE Profile Webpage for each Profile
      1. One page summary of profile with links to the specification
      2. Briefly explains the purpose, function, actors, transactions, etc of the profile.
      3. Template for a profile page: http://wiki.ihe.net/index.php?title=Profile_Template (update is pending)
      4. Example of a profile page: http://wiki.ihe.net/index.php?title=Medical_Summaries (not perfect, but the best example so far)
      5. Link to the offical copies of the Technical Framework
      6. List of the volumes & sections & Appendices of the TF where the profile is defined
      7. Each Domain Planning Committee responsible for maintaining these pages on the Wiki
      8. Sponsor responsible for establishing Profile Webpages and periodically migrating the Wiki list to the Web.
      9. Since it's a fair bit of work, the Domain Page links on the Website may be to the Profile Pages on the Wiki at the initial deadline and updated later.
  • Most of the work will be in development of one-page profile summaries
  • Action: Domain Sponsors will be requested to work with their Planning Committee Co-chairs to develop ISO Domain Document and IHE Domain Webpage for their domain.
  • Action: Kevin O'Donnell will update profile template document on Wiki.
  • Action: Domain Planning Committees will be requested to develop an IHE Profile Webpage for each Final Text & Trial Implementation profile in their domain.

Due date for all tasks is April 18. Chris Carr will communicate this request to the Domain Sponsors.

Domains which complete all three pieces (ISO Domain Document, IHE Domain Webpage, Set of IHE Profile Webpages) will have their Technical Frameworks incorporated by ISO later this year. Those who do not will not.

Governance Implementation

  1. Domain and Sponsor Applications
    1. Available online at http://www.ihe.net/governance/
    2. Include online form and pdf copies for review and planning
    3. Domain Sponsors must complete three applications: 1) Member Org, 2) Sponsor (as Domain Sponsor) and 3) Domain
    4. Domain responsibilities include participation on Board and on Domain Coord Cmte
  • Action: Chris Carr will send message to prospective Domain sponsors outlining application process and domain responsibilities

Cross-domain Coordination Activities

  1. Add to Agenda for next tcon: Radiology incorporation of optional elements for SWF defined in other domains

Meeting and Teleconference Schedule

  1. Current Schedule: Biweekly, Tues. 10 am CT

Action: Chris Carr will send a message to absent domains asking whether this time is convenient for them

  1. Plan face-to-face meeting: Thursday, January 31, 7:30am at Hyatt Regency Chicago, IL
  • Breakfast get acquainted/brainstorming meeting; no detailed agenda

Future Agenda Items

  1. Cross-domain Coordination: Radiology reuse of optional transactions added to SWF by other domains

Domain Coordination Committee

Minutes Approved 2008-03-04