IHE DCC Documentation Work Group Teleconference Minutes 2010-07-26

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  • Chris Carr
  • Mary Jungers
  • Mike McCoy
  • Mike Nusbaum
  • Kevin O'Donnell
  • John Rhoads
  • Tone Southerland
  • Karen Witting


  • Strategic Goal: improve efficiency of documentation process and quality of product
  • Ease of use for adopters/implementers
  • Analyze users' needs and the problems they encounter:
  • Key needs are consistency and simplicity
  • Implementers often have specific needs that often require moving across several volumes of documentation
  • Indexing and cross-referencing critical
  • Strategic decision makers select which functionality to implement in a product or system
  • Initial interest is often more general than our documentation: at level of general functionality; IHE's documentation does not provide sufficient context to understand the relevance of IHE profiles
  • Need a separate discussion on instructional material on how to select which profiles to implement
  • Technical implementers write code based on IHE documentation
  • Need very specific pieces (one transaction, one document type) in a convenient package; currently this information is often scattered across several references
  • Individual Technical Framework volumes in some domains (eg, ITI) have grown beyond the limit of effective usability for pdf technology; breaking into multiple volumes multiplies the complexity of documentation
  • Growing interdependency of profiles, modules, constructs, components within and across domains
  • Consider reorganization around themes (eg, Patient ID Management, Document Sharing)
  • Methods for cross-referencing and indexing including new tools and technologies; build indexing into Word template and port over to pdf documents
  • To remain viable going forward we need to fully utilize capabilities of Web to link, organize and expose documents; capabilities of a fully-functional document management system
  • Currently tools are expensive and complex; need tools basic enough for volunteer authors to use
  • HL7 version 3 documentation is published to enable navigation via browser, embedded definitions, etc.
  • DICOM published in xml versions; examine their tools
  • Migration issues:
  • Strategic decision makers including purchasing execs at care sites and leaders of government agencies and projects
  • Deployment technical personnel at care sites, government projects, etc
  • Testers of compliance and interoperability

  • Efficient tools and clear instructions for authors
  • Requirements for consistency and quality of documentation
  • Models and input from other organizations IHE should study and consider adopting
  • Templates for supplement development
  • Content modules: how to generate and publish
  • Input from adopters: NHIN comments on IHE documentation

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