IHERO Use Case Submission Overview

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We need your help to define radiotherapy interoperability issues for IHE-RO to solve !!

Do you have a problem in your clinic where one type of equipment or software has trouble communicating with another?

Let Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise for Radiation Oncology (IHE-RO) help. We're looking for Use Cases which describe (ideally in a vendor neutral way) radiotherapy interoperability issues between vendors and/or between systems. Please take a moment and fill out a form for submitting your Use Case. Use Cases must be submitted by Friday, March 11, 2011 for consideration during the 2011-2012 development cycle.

More information about IHE-RO can be found at ASTRO, YouTube, Wiki, WWW, and through various publications. If you’re interested in helping in these efforts, please consider becoming an IHE member and participate on the planning and/or technical committees for various healthcare domains.

Thank you for your help,

ASTRO and the IHE-RO Planning Committee