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Each IHE Profile Webpage to be submitted to the ISO should include:

  1. One page summary of profile with links to the specification
  2. Briefly explains the purpose, function, actors, transactions, etc of the profile.
  3. Example of a profile page: http://wiki.ihe.net/index.php?title=Medical_Summaries (not perfect, but the best example so far)
  4. Link to the offical copies of the Technical Framework
  5. List of the volumes & sections & Appendices of the TF where the profile is defined

The IHE Radiation Oncology Technical Committee has published the following draft Technical Framework for Trial Implementation. The PDF document defines the RT Objects Integration Profile (e.g. Simple Planning).

  • IHE-RO Technical Frameworks 1.6
  • Vol. 1: Overview and Vol. 2: Transactions Section 3.1, and Appendix A and B of Volume 1 of the technical framework contain the technical details (very detailed) of what resulted from the Use Case. Volume 2 of the technical frame contains the details on what each transaction for the profile is. E.g. transaction RO-1 is the retrieval from the archive of a single CT image series. Each transaction is completely defined. Stringing a number of transactions together is how a useful clinical function happens.

The following year, the IHE Radiation Oncology Technical Committee published the following supplements of the IHE-RO Technical Framework v. 2.0 for Trial Implementation. The following PDF documents are proposed modifications to the technical framework to support the proposed profiles (e.g. image registration or work flow).

  • Image Registration Chapter 4 and Appendix A&B of the Technical Framework V2 addendum for Image Registration contains information relevant to the Image Registration Profile.
  • Managed Delivery Workflow Chapter 3&4 and Appendix A&B of the Technical Framework V2 addendum for Work Flow contains information relevant to the Work Flow Profile.

Drafts of all wiki pages are available for comments. If you have reviewed any of the documents, please update the appropriate cell in the following table.

Document Who prepares first draft Reviewed by
IHE-RO ISO Domain Document Colin
IHE-RO ISO Domain Webpage Colin
Normal Treatment Planning-Simple (NTPL-S) Charles, Colin, May, Mika
Multimodality Registration for Radiation Oncology (MMR-RO) Colin, Sha, Shankar, Mika
RT Treatment Workflow (TRWF) Colin, Mika, Mike, Prabhahar

In order to meet the due date for the final documents for submission to ISO is April 18, 2008, we need to meet the following timelines:

  • Monday April 7: Ask for comments from IHE-RO volunteer profile editors (and Bruce, Stuart, etc.)
  • Friday April 11: Finalize IHE-RO draft
  • Monday April 14: Ask for comments from IHE (Chris, Kevin, ??)
  • Thursday April 17: Final version of IHE-RO ISO documentation
  • Friday April 17: IHE submits documentation to ISO